Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty of Murder and Other Charges

A variety of sources are reporting what is emerging from Philadelphia. The first source I saw was this tweet from J.D. Mullane, reporter for the Bucks County Courier Times who is in the court room.

Here is the AP story which provides more details.

According to Mullane, he is guilty of most of the other 200-plus counts against him.

When this story first broke, I posted extensively about it, including some original reporting:

Gruesome abortion/murder case in Philadelphia (1/19/11)

Abortion clinic regulation scandal in PA (1/20/11)

PA Senate to hold hearings on failure of abortion clinic regulation (1/21/11)

PA Abortion clinic inspections stopped to avoid barriers to abortion(1/21/11)

Did the Hyde Amendment keep Kermit Gosnell in business? (1/25/11)

National Abortion Federation quietly removes reference to Gosnell’s Delaware clinic (1/29/11)

National abortion funding network member visited notorious Philadelphia abortion clinic (1/31/11)

National Abortion Federation suspends Delaware abortion clinic(1/31/11)

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  • David Blakeslee

    What do you think the implications are for public policy debate now that justice has been served?

    a. the clinic was never properly inspected

    b. there had been complaints

    c. should we rediscuss the issue of late term abortion, since Gosnell appears to have legally ended the lives of many viable babies in the womb (18″ is the only difference between “snipping” a live baby and legal late term abortion).

  • Tom Van Dyke

    Was there an applicable “Born Alive” law here*. IOW, if he’d have just let the babies lie there until they died, would he have been in the clear?

  • carole

    And what has Planned Parenthood said about it? The tweet:

    Planned ParenthoodVerified account?@PPact

    A just verdict. The jury has rightly convicted #Gosnell for his appalling crimes, ensuring no woman is victimized by him ever again.

    And still…PP sees no other victims than the women, even though he was convicted of murdering three victims that were not women.

    Sick. Sick. Sick.

  • carole

    I should have clarified that the Planned Parenthood tweet ended with “ever again.” The next paragraphs are my words.

  • Emily K

    Planned Parenthood actually congratulated the conviction, stating that they believe justice was done.

  • Warren Throckmorton

    Emily K – I think the problem is that the statement did not mention the babies. And to me it is hard to understand why PP didn’t do that.

  • carole

    Not hard at all to understand why they didn’t mention the babies, Warren. You don’t have to be a linguist or Orwell to understand them and their lack of humanity.

  • Scotty G.

    I concur, carole.

  • David Blakeslee

    Here is an example of a wanted pregnancy being terminated against the mother’s wishes: this is a crime

    So, it seems that ending the life of the fetus is not a crime in itself, but violating the mother’s right to want the baby is a crime; Legally there must be clearer descriptions of this odd dilemma.