Wayne Besen and Jerry Mungadze Will Be on Alan Colmes Tonight

Get some popcorn and gather round the radio kids because this promises to be a rip roaring good time.  Bring some crayons too.

Alan Colmes is hosting Wayne Besen and Jerry Mungadze on his show tonight which begins at 7pm.  Wayne has more details on his site (apparently this segment will air at 8pm).

Mungadze is the Texas therapist who uses crayons to map the brain and says his ex-gay clients demonstrate their change via brain changes. On this blog, Michael Bailey challenged Mungadze to send his patients to Bailey’s lab and Besen has offered Mungadze $10k to rewire his brain.



UPDATE: Mungadze said on Alan Colmes that he doesn’t believe in conversion therapy. That might be a surprise to The Joni Show folks. He also said he uses brain wave assessment to determine sexual orientation. This is in contrast to what he said on David Foster’s show Pure Passion. There was no mention of any kind of brain wave assessment on the Pure Passion show.


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  • ken

    “He also said he uses brain wave assessment to determine sexual orientation.”

    Did he say he actually measures EEG? or does he assess “brain waves” by having the subjects draw squiggly lines on a piece of paper?

  • Wayne Besen

    I got him to agree to test his theory with J. Michael Bailey. Game on.

    As I said on the show, there is one easy way to disprove his theory. If the way a patient colors in the brain represents a diagnosis, the patient should use the same colors every time. However, if the patient colors the brain in a completely different way upon the second appointment — it shows that the colors were chosen randomly, or because the were pretty, or the mood of the patient that particular day — rather than a long-term, stable diagnosis.

  • ken – I don’t know the answer. He did not say much except that he used beta and delta waves. However, I don’t know if he infers them from his coloring book.

    Wayne: You are describing reliability and that would need to be examined. It would be fairly easy to set up a study that would examine his claims.