Michael Peroutka Pledges Resources of Institute on the Constitution to League of the South

The recent cancellation of a Constitution course in the Springboro School District has placed new focus on the group behind the course, the Institute on the Constitution and another group, the League of the South.

The IOTC course brought complaints from parents about the religious nature of the course and the membership of IOTC founder, Michael Peroutka, in the League of the South. You can read more about the League here.

Last Thursday, a leader of the Springboro Tea Party and Council of Conservative Citizens, showed up at the Springboro School District and defended the course and the League of the South. He finished his talk by displaying a Confederate flag.

Another person linking the two organizations is IOTC founder Peroutka. Last month, Peroutka was appointed to be a board member of the League of the South during the annual conference. At the end of a speech, Peroutka pledges the resources of the IOTC to the aims of the League of the South. Here is the link which allows you to begin watching at the point where Peroutka makes his pledge. On the video (at 39:10) he says:

I am so pleased, and I thank you Dr. Hill and you Sara, and you Alex, and Mike Crane, and all the others on the board, and I am uh, I want to do my best, with God’s help, to be worthy of what you’re, what you do and what you are asking me to do. I’m gonna try my best. I pledge the resources of the Institute on the Constitution and the resources of the Peroutka family to that effort. God bless you.

For more on what the League of the South is about, see their FAQs. One the main objectives is the secession of the Southern states to form a white Christian nation.

Also, here is League president Michael Hill on what the League is about:

Just so there’s no chance that you’ll confuse The League with the GOP or any other “conservative” group, here’s what we stand for: The survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people. And by “the Southern people,” we mean White Southerners who are not afraid to stand for the people of their race and region.

According to the League’s Grey Bookthe League yearns for a return to America before the Civil War amendments to the Constitution and to the Confederate South.

The Grey Book is based on the following presuppositions: 1) that we who oppose on moral grounds the practises and polices of the US government have a duty to reform or remove ourselves from it; 2) that the government of the US is beyond reform, so that the only option available is removing ourselves; 3) that two or more Southern States will at some time in the future form a confederal union; and 4) that their representatives will ratify a Constitution more or less like the US Constitution of 1788 and the Confederate States Constitution of 1861.


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  • JCF

    The survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people. And by “the Southern people,” we mean White Southerners who are not afraid to stand for the people of their race and region.

    “The Fourteen Words”? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourteen_Words

  • Gus

    Ohioan here. This has been a disturbing trend in Ohio politics for a while now. I often say to my rural northern Ohio ‘in-laws:’ “You do know you live north of the Mason-Dixon don’t you?” But they come originally from the South just two generations ago and don’t understand what I mean. Their grandparents came north for the jobs, but kept the attitudes.

    There are many members of the Tea Party that uses the Libertarian excuse for racism. I’m not surprised the New Southers have come north to spread their own version of white Christian supremacy to a already willing audience. These folks can stand to live in an exurb, they are white flight personified.

    • JCF

      I saw something similar in (rural) Central Pennsylvania in the ’90s. Lots of Stars&Bars, and worse (saw being hocked at a county fair: t-shirts w/ MLK’s face in crosshairs, caption “Our Dream Came True!”). Every once in a while, the Klan would do a literature drop on a parking lot (including a high school parking lot).

      Obama got a TON of flack for those 2008 remarks: but there IS a toxic phenomenon of people “clinging to their guns and [fundamentalist] religion” . . . and when that happens in areas that are, essentially & defacto, white separatist, racism is NEVER far behind. [And then a teenager gets killed for the crime of “Being Armed w/ a Sidewalk While Black”]