Headlines from Parallel Ex-Gay Universes

Two headlines from my email inbox:

Ex-Gay Movement, Alive, Strong, & Moving Forward!

Organizers Cancel ‘Ex-Gay Pride Month’ Citing Vague ‘Security Threats’

The first comes from the Illinois Family Institute and Linda Jernigan who puts on a brave front and offers her book for sale. The second comes from The Advocate and describes the cancellation of ex-gay pride month (or now “ex-gay half-month”).

From one point of view, things look rosy; from another, things are comically bad.

Just a word on the cancellation of the “ex-gay pride month:” For the cancellation to have any credibility, the organizers need to reveal the nature of the security concerns. I have a hard time believing Voice for the Voiceless would be voiceless about real concerns.


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  • David Cary Hart

    Ms. Jerrigan is ex-gay for pay.

    “I solicit your help as I endeavor to spread this message of salvation and deliverance to the homosexual. You can assist by (1) Purchase the Transformed DVD for $20 (2) Purchase my new book, Delivered…Now What for $15 (3) Purchase DVD and book combo for $30 and/or (4) give a generous donation of any amount. You can purchase products and give a donation by clicking on the donate link below. “

  • Michael Bussee

    Maybe she and her friends could still hold a parade. A very short one. Only one float. No marching band.