Texas Church Says Institute on the Constitution Speaker Doesn’t “Reflect Their Values”

In a column out today, Bud Kennedy at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram focuses on the Founding Faith conference which Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin backed out of last week. According to Kennedy, the church where the conference was to be held decided against it in part because the views of Institute on the Constitution teacher (and MD chapter of the League of the South chaplain) David Whitney “‘do not reflect the values’ of High Point Church.”

The conference appears to be canceled. The website is password protected and the promoter’s website does not list it as an upcoming event.

Kennedy’s column places an emphasis on the secession aims of the League. I suspect what also rankled the High Point Church folks was the League’s white Southern nationalism.

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  • StraightGrandmother

    “the League’s white Southern nationalism”

    That rankles me, I can tell you that.