Dayton Ohio DAR To Host Institute On The Constitution Course

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Dayton, OH branch of the Daughters of the American Revolution will begin the Institute on the Constitution course tonight. In the article, this blog is cited and I am quoted.

According to DAR representatives, they were unaware of the links of the IOTC to the League of the South. However, this information did not sway their support for the course. Unfortunate, because they will be getting a skewed and sometimes inaccurate view of history.

Have friends in the Dayton area? Give them a heads up…

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  • Lynn David

    Oh… the way you structured your tweet, it seemed as if you were giving the Institute’s course. Sure would have to warn Dayton if you were teaching the course!

  • Lynn David

    Oh… the way you structured your tweet, it seemed as if you were giving the Institute’s course. Sure would have to warn Dayton if you were teaching the course!

  • The Southern Poverty Law Center headline reads

    American Heritage Group Pushes Radical Theocratic Class on Constitution

    Is this accurate? Where is the evidence of the course’s “radical theocracy”? Perhaps I have missed it.

    Sorry, I’m a little weary of self-appointed watchdogs dispensing their own brand of half-truth. I’m specifically disgusted with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has little to do with “poverty” anymore, and everything to do with its demagogic “Hatewatch,” which itself is quite hateful towards those with whom it disagrees [pretty much anyone to the right of Karl Marx].

    In reference to the course itself, the SPLC article reads

    A flyer announcing the lecture series promises “to introduce you to the Constitution of the United States of American, our Biblical heritage and limited government.”

    “Beginning with the Bible,” the flyer continues, “you will learn the origins of law and government. Next, stories of America’s discovery, settlement and evangelization from exciting, primary sources you never saw in school!”

    …arguments that have been reasonably made by reasonably accredited scholars.

    Does the course preach theocracy, especially “radical” theocracy? Further, the course is being held at a church. Does the SPLC now presume to battle thoughtcrime in churches?

    Many of your objections have been reasonable differences of opinion and constitutional interpretation, Warren. Of those that aren’t, they’re solid objections

    but what’s the end game, to ban these guys over a few bum quotes, to bury them under guilt by association with the League of the South?

    It appears so, but that’s heat, not light.

    Look, find this League of the South business laughably stupid and ultimately harmless, and it looks to me that this “Institute on the Constitution” bunch are hustlers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, trying to turn a few bucks off not-racist, patriotic Tea Party types and sneaking in some semi-seditious “Whiteitude” into their act.

    But in the end, it’s just an act, just as the New Black Panthers are. Just as the Southern Poverty Law Center has become. This is kabuki, not reality.

  • Eric

    but what’s the end game … This is kabuki, not reality.

    Mostly dead on, but we need another word for kabuki.

    turn a few bucks

    I doubt anyone is making money (gas, opportunity costs…). These are sincere people seeking the education they never got in high school or college. they have a special affinity for being told what they want to hear.

    So we have a Gresham’s Law of American History playing out.

  • Eric, if that’s to say bad history has driven out the good, I quite agree.