On A Personal Note…

One year ago today, I had open heart surgery following a heart attack.  It turned out well and I feel compelled to repeat my thanksgiving to God, the doctors, my family, my college and all those who prayed and sent healing thoughts.

Today I appreciate, more than ever, the great gift of life.  This is an anniversary I am thrilled to celebrate.


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  • Bernie Keefe

    All the best of health to you, Happy Anniversary.

  • Bernie Keefe

    All the best of health to you, Happy Anniversary.

  • http://randythomas.co Randy

    And I am thrilled to celebrate it with you. So glad you are still here! … and grateful for all the professionals, friends, and family who helped you.

  • http://www.leonardoricardosanto.blogspot.com Leonardo Ricardo

    Good! Good for us all to have you among us. Thank you for all that you do for LGBTI people both at home and in Uganda/Russia. LeonardoRicardo/Len, Guatemala

  • Richard Willmer

    Happy Anniversary, Warren! :-)

  • William

    Very happy for you, Warren.

  • http://americancreation.blogspot.com/ Tom Van Dyke

    Cheers and God bless, bro!

  • Teresa

    So happy for you, Warren. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!! :)

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/warrenthrockmorton Warren

    Thanks everyone!

  • stephen

    So glad you’re feeling better.

  • Tarhiel

    All the good health to you! :)

  • Scotty G.

    Then this date also marks my first year as a regular reader of WT.com.

    It’s great to hear this first year still finds you in good health. Praise God.

    You’ve become a daily stop for me. Thanks for all you do, Warren.