Rick Joyner Doubles Down On Prediction That America Is Headed For Martial Law

In a “prophetic bulletin” out today, Oak Initiative president Rick Joyner again declares that martial law is coming to America. During a September 30 broadcast on his website, Joyner declared that “our only hope is a military takeover, martial law and that the crucial, most crucial element of that is who the marshal is going to be.” Referring to that prediction, Joyner writes today:

What I did say, and am saying, is that democracy in America is failing, and we are headed for martial law.

I make no apologies for this statement, and I will stand by it. (emphasis in original)

There is nothing in this bulletin about a military takeover but his words from Monday have generated significant reaction within and outside the church. Charisma seemed supportive in their reporting, while Chris Rodda warned that like-minded military members and officers might be inclined to heed Joyner’s words about a military takeover.

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  • Scotty G.

    “As Joyner sees it, no election is going to fix America’s problems because the system is broken. He believes our only hope is a military takeover—martial law.”

    Again, if there is no other option, than how can you NOT advocate for it?

  • ken

    Scotty G.# ~ Oct 3, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    “Again, if there is no other option, than how can you NOT advocate for it?”

    Because it is WRONG to do. Would you advocate murdering innocent people because there was “no other option”?

  • Scotty G.

    Ken, I believe your missing my point.

    I’m suggesting that Joyner’s statement that he is not advocating for martial law is duplicitous at best.

    IF he truly believes that democracy has failed, and…

    IF he truly believes that the ONLY way to restore it is through martial law, then…

    How can he NOT advocate for it?

    You don’t have to convince me its wrong.

  • Scotty G.

    “I believe there are noble leaders in our military that love the republic and love everything we stand for—and they could seize the government,” he said. “I am not advocating this. I am just telling you what could happen. They could seize it and help restore the foundations, help restore the Constitution.”

    If this was being presented to any other audience, it could be considered a threat.

    “I’m not stating it should happen but rest assure it ‘could’”.

    Moreover, this statement makes little sense for someone who is ‘not advocating’ for martial law. The only explanation for this convoluted statement is that he is trying to give himself an out if it blows up in his face.

    “I believe there are noble leaders in our military that love the republic and love everything we stand for—and they could seize the government,” – a positive statement that ‘good leaders’ could do a violent act and accomplish a good thing

    “I am not advocating this.” -a negative statement that suggests such an act would be wrong but not followed with an alternative action

    “They could seize it and help restore the foundations, help restore the Constitution.” -Second positive statement that a violent act would accomplish a desired thing.

    This is not unlike a child afraid to ask a host for a snack he sees.

    “It would be nice if you gave me one of those cookies. I’m not asking you to give me one or saying that you should. But you COULD be nice and give me one.”

  • SharonB

    Yes, a Jesus-putsch!

    When prayer alone is not enough!

  • http://www.slowlyboiledfrog.com David Cary Hart

    If America wasn’t working it was in the Bush years. Two endless wars – one of which was a PNAC enterprise. These same wars created massive amounts of debt. Deregulation and selective tax reform led to the meltdown of our equity and financial markets. The tax system has created enormous income inequality.

    From where I sit, Obama cleaned up as much of the mess as he could given GOP obstinance and their desire to discredit the president – even at the expense of the country. The thing that would most effect well-being would be a massive tax overhaul, a return to the ITC and elimination of artificial capital gains.

    It is the mystical incantations that convert ordinary income into capital gains that have ruined our economy and created much of the economic disparity. It’s the prime reason that we don’t make stuff anymore.

    What Joyner wants is to put the American mullahs in charge. Joyner thinks that people like Boykin (who I think has borderline personality disorder) should be running the USA.

  • tom van dyke

    people like Boykin (who I think has borderline personality disorder)

    Well done, EWT. This is what you have made. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

  • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey (Honorably Discharged)

    I have met these ChristianJihadists on the battlefeild before. One only needs to google the 09 Harper’s article “Jesus Killed Mohammed”. I say this as solemly as possible, let them try. And when they do tell them hell follows with me.

    I have less respect for these filth then I do for Islamic Jihadists because atleast they have the honor and courage to meet you in open combat. These peices of detritus hide behind the most leathal military homosapiens have ever devised and they seek to rule the world by a Mosaic law/Califate. They operate in secret to subvert the Secular State that has afforded freedoms to all who enter our boarders. Let them try and they will meet their fates in the most brutal and exact fashion the U.S. Army thaught me and those like me. LET THEM TRY AND HELL WILL FOLLOW WITH ME!!

    Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey (Honorably Discharged)
    U.S. Army Infantry 1998-2005
    Samarra Iraq 2004-2005
    Purple Heart Recipient
    Pagan Patriot

  • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey (Honorably Discharged)

    I leave you with this:

    I, Jeffery Humphrey, do solemnly swear to support and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    I have left the rest off cause it is the clausal statment for assumption of command. I am no longer active or reserve so I no longer have a command structure. But that first part every real American who has taken it knows what it means and knows it can never be purged from their psyche. We lived by it, we fought for it, and we will die by it. So that this nation will NEVER perish from the earth.

  • Zoe Brain

    Some names and organisations:

    Edwin Meese III
    Former Attorney General
    President Ronald Reagan

    Chris Chocola
    Club for Growth

    Jenny Beth Martin
    Tea Party Patriots

    Penny Nance
    Concerned Women for America

    The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell
    Constitutional Congress, Inc.

    William Wilson
    Americans for Limited Government

    Duane Parde
    National Taxpayers Union

    Susan Carleson
    American Civil Rights Union

    Andrea Lafferty
    Traditional Values Coalition

    Alfred S. Regnery
    The Paul Revere Project

    Lewis Uhler
    National Tax Limitation Committee

    Brent Bozell

    Matt Kibbe

    Marjorie Dannenfelser
    Susan B. Anthony List

    David Williams
    Taxpayers Protection Alliance

    The Honorable David McIntosh
    Former U.S. Representative

    David Bozell
    Executive Director

    Colin Hanna
    Let Freedom Ring

    Stuart Epperson
    Council for National Policy

    Heather Higgins
    Independent Women’s Forum

    Cindy Chafian
    The Mommy Lobby

    Gary Bauer
    American Values

    Mike Needham
    Heritage Action for America

    David Bossie
    Citizens United

    Mathew D. Staver
    Liberty Counsel Action

    James Martin
    60 Plus Association

    Erick Erickson

    T. Kenneth Cribb
    Former Domestic Advisor
    President Ronald Reagan

    Becky Norton Dunlop
    Former White House Advisor
    President Ronald Reagan

    Grace-Marie Turner
    The Galen Institutue

    Myron Ebell
    Freedom Action

    Craig Shirley
    Reagan Campaign Biographer

    Rev. Lou Sheldon
    Traditional Values Coalition

    Richard Rahn
    Inst. for Global Economic Growth

    Lee Beaman
    Nashville, TN

    Bob Reccord
    Executive Director
    Council for National Policy

    Angelo M. Codevilla
    Professor Emeritus
    Boston University

    Tom Donelson
    America’s PAC

    Brian Baker
    Ending Spending

    Kay R. Daly
    Coalition for a Fair Judiciary

    Don Devine
    Senior Scholar
    The Fund for American Studies

    Gary Aldrich
    Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty

    Ralph Benko
    Center for Civic Virtue

    Andresen Blom
    Senior Strategist
    Center for Civic Virtue

    Joe Gregory
    Gregory Management Co.


  • Tom Van Dyke

    Now it’s getting really creepy around here, Warren. Why are these people being listed? Targeted?

    “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”–Nietzsche

  • Zoe Brain

    If you read the link, you’ll see why.

    All signed on to the plan to cause a default, back in May.

    There is a connection between them. The lines between extreme right politics and extreme right religion – and extreme right billionaires – have been blurred into nonexistence.

    BTW the Nietzche quote -something *all* activists for whatever cause should *always* bear in mind. “The ends justify the means” is far too easy a trap to fall into.

  • Tom Van Dyke

    Warren, some of your fans are starting to make the League of the South look sane. Just sayin’.

  • ken

    Tom Van Dyke# ~ Oct 10, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    “Warren, some of your fans are starting to make the League of the South look sane. Just sayin’.”

    And once again demonstrating your ability to have a mature conversation.