Blog News: I’m Moving To Patheos

Not all of the details are final but I should be fully moved to Patheos by sometime next week. The new address is here:

Some details remain. All of the comments are not yet showing up there; this will be accomplished soon.  Some of the ancient embedded videos may not show up since they have been removed from their sources.

The comment system there is the Disqus system so to continue commenting you will need a free account with that service. You will get that information when you first begin to comment. Go ahead and try a comment there and see how it goes.

All of the links will still work and redirect the reader to the new location. All of the content will be there.

I want to say thanks to the dedicated folks at Patheos and elsewhere who have been working with me to make this happen.

I am looking forward to joining their group of diverse writers. Patheos offers a wealth of interesting content; I hope you will check out some of the other writers there. And by all means, keep pointing your browser my way

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