Weekend Roundup: White Power Demo In TN, Transgender Prof Transitions From Christian College, IOTC At Liberty U., Senate Takes Lead In Shutdown Talks


Local public radio appropriately calls the League of the South rally in TN, a “white power demonstration.

Azuza Pacific theology prof, H. Adam Ackley leaves the school via a mutual statement.  Ackley is transitioning from female to male.

John Lofton of the Institute on the Constitution presents the theocratic God and Government Project at Liberty University.

Looks like the adults have gotten involved in the Shutnado standoff. Maybe the Senate and the President can keep us from going over the cliff.

Update: The League of the South look pretty puny in this pic…


WMOT says about 50 LoS protesters attended the event.

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  • tom van dyke

    Well, you’ve certainly defeated the League of the South. Well done, Warren. ;-P

  • ken

    “Looks like the adults have gotten involved in the Shutnado standoff. ”

    I don’t think I’d characterize them as “adults.” Adults would have stopped the children from steering the ship BEFORE it ran aground.

  • Patrocles

    I suppose that we can call a gay pride event “appropriately” a “gay power demonstration”. Or does someone here disagree?

  • Richard Willmer

    I disagree! Gay Pride is not about telling others how to live their lives; White Power seems to me to be about running the show – at the expense of those who are not white.

    (Of course, Gay Pride is involved with campaigning for ‘rights’ – but heterosexuals are not being told that they must change their sexual behaviour or that they must have their social status diminished. The legitimate rights of heterosexuals are not IMO [objectively speaking] threatened by fair treatment being accorded to gays or by people being proud of who they are.)