Barton’s Big 12: What Colleges Are On The List?

Last week, David Barton told Oklahoma Wesleyan University president Everett Piper that OWU is on a short list of “about a dozen” colleges that are “right on the Bible, right on the Constitution, right on American history.”

I figure Ohio Christian University is another one since they are giving Barton an award. Liberty University is probably there as well given Barton’s frequent appearances in their chapel.

A bit of chatter has taken place in various places about other schools on the list. For instance, Patrick Henry was nominated but then discounted by others.

Gentle readers, what others schools do you think are on the list?


  • Lijdare

    Gotta be Regent University. Other guesses:

    College of the Ozarks

    Harding University in Arkansas

    Patrick Henry College?

    Bryan College in Tennessee

    The only one I can think of in Texas would be the Institute for Creation Research

    And lastly probably one or two named Concordia College/University in some state….

    I think all of those are “creationist” schools as well.

    Doubling down by posting here….

  • buddyglass23

    Here’s a good place to start:

    I’d add Bob Jones and Oral Roberts.

    • btschool

      NOT Bob Jones University. Not given the fact that none of my colleagues on the history faculty are his supporters.