David Barton for Senate? (UPDATED)

According to this tweet, David Barton is being recruited to run against John Cornyn for the Republican Senate nomination.

The link leads a Facebook group titled: Draft David Barton for US Senate. According to the page,

This group is set up to alert the grassroots that there is a movement taking place that would like to encourage David Barton with Wallbuilders to run for the US Senate against John Cornyn.

Currently, the group has 394 members.

I hope he runs since it would shed more light on his history lessons and other curious statements.


Apparently, there is some buzz building about this idea. This supporter of Barton believes the rumors are legitimate. As of the morning of Oct. 29, the group now has over 1000 members.

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  • http://credendum.net/ Credendum: William

    WOW! There’s a pretty blue and gray bruise now on the bottom of my chin where it just hit the floor. But you’ve certainly got the right attitude: “I hope he runs since it would shed more light on his history lessons and other curious statements.”

  • Lijdare

    You’d think such a Facebook group wouldn’t be a “Closed Group.”

    • Aeffesstoo

      You would think so if it were truly a grassroots effort. But then, if this is put on by the establishment republican party trying to pass as the tea party, well then…

  • ken

    I would caution you about being careful what you wish for.

    come to think of it “Senator Barton” would make for a scary Halloween costume :)

    • Belasaurius

      yes this is Texas, we wil elect any dumb###. Cruz, Perry, Bush

      • Stogumber

        Can’t say so. Whites in Texas – the probable voters for a Republican candidate – are scoring better than Whites in Wisconsin:


        • stardreamer42

          The problem in Texas can be summed up in four words: “Straight Party Ticket Button”. That’s what brought Perry his last win, and what put Cruz in the Senate. People just punch the button and walk out of the booth, instead of actually having to LOOK at who they’re voting for.

          Also, there have been confirmed reports of certain types of voting machines (including some of the ones used in Texas) recording Straight Party Ticket votes for Democrats as being for Republicans instead.

          This kind of election fraud — the wholesale type that’s easy to achieve on the back end — is what we need to be worried about. “Voter fraud” is retail; it’s very difficult to deliver enough of it to affect any given election, and most of the confirmed cases in the last 5 years have been by Teahadists who were trying to “prove how easy it is” to commit voter fraud, and found out that it wasn’t so easy after all.

  • Aeffesstoo

    Oh hell no!