Glenn Beck Interviews David Barton This Morning – Barton Says The Time Is Not Right For Him To Run

A somewhat vague post on the Draft David Barton for Senate Facebook page has me wondering if Barton is going to disclose his decision whether or not to challenge John Cornyn for the Texas Senate seat. The author of the post wrote:

Listen to Glenn Beck’s radio program tomorrow morning for an interview with David Barton and check this page right after the interview.

Rick Green has been holding out for 5,000 likes as a test of interest in a Barton run. Today, the page stands at 2,995. However, if Barton is getting the green light from those he considers important in Texas, he may go ahead with a challenge.

On the other hand, if Barton and company look at last night’s rejection of tea party politics such as occurred in Alabama and Virginia, they might pull back and decline to challenge Cornyn who has significant conservative bona fides. According to several new reports, tea party supporters make up a sizable chunk of Barton’s support.

Beck’s show begins at 9am and can be heard here. During the first hour of the program, Beck said Barton will announce his decision during the second hour of the show. Watch this space…

UPDATE: On Glenn Beck’s show this morning, David Barton said he does not plan to run for Senate. Earlier, Barton told Beck that he had to check with his family and with God. Barton told Beck God didn’t tell him to run.

Barton released a written statement to The Blaze.


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