Weekend Roundup: Mark Driscoll’s Plagiarism Woes, Barton And The Homeless Pastor Legend, Neo-Confederate Leader In FL High School, Knockout Game A Myth, Pastor’s Housing Disallowed

Mark Driscoll and plagiarism – Seattle megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll was accused of plagiarism by Janet Mefferd on her November 21 broadcast. Initially, she questioned Driscoll about using concepts and terms without proper citation. Jonathan Merritt at Religion News Service covered the story the next day. Given the nature of the evidence, I thought the matter might drop at that point. However, Mefferd dug deeper and found instances where it appears Driscoll took passages nearly verbatim from a commentary written by D. A. Carson. Merritt also has that story.

Driscoll has his defenders but he also has some pretty persuasive critics, particularly this professor writing at First Things. I plan to look at this issue in more detail next week, but my initial thought is that the newer charges are more convincing and require some kind of response from Driscoll and his publisher.

David Barton’s Facebook Page – I already posted on this but either due to Thanksgiving or the lack of novelty, David Barton’s reposting of a urban myth as though it was a true story has gone without much comment.  It still remains on his Facebook page, having been shared over 1,000 times, even though many commenters pointed out that the story is false. It is encouraging that some commenters expressed negative reactions. For instance, this one:

I’m surprised to see this known-to-be-false story posted here. It would be one thing to post it for the moral lesson aspect and say so in your comments, but it’s another to pass it along as if it were a true story without any such commentary. If you don’t realize that this story is just social media rumor, then how many other stories have you passed along that were also false? Consider this my goodbye notice.

The response to the allegations against Driscoll remind me a bit of the uproar over Thomas Nelson pulling Barton’s book in August of 2012. Barton’s defenders came out in force to attack those who raised concerns. Some of that has happened already with Meffferd being the focus of attacks from those who support Driscoll.

Michael Peroutka in Spanish River High School – I think this matter may get some attention next week. Michael Peroutka is a board member of the League of the South who spoke at a FL public high school on Tuesday. When his dba name Institute on the Constitution came to a school district in Springboro, OH, there was a major negative reaction among parents. I wonder if the same will occur in Boca Raton.

Is the knockout game a myth? - Alan Noble at Christ and Pop Culture makes a pretty compelling case that the hysteria over an upsurge in racially motivated attacks by black mobs is unwarranted.

In other news, ministers may not be able to take a housing allowance if a new court ruling holds up.


  • http://aebrain.blogspot.com Zoe_Brain
    • http://aebrain.blogspot.com Zoe_Brain
      • Warren Throckmorton

        I disagree with evangelicals or scientologists or Christian scientists or anyone who believes brain diseases aren’t real. I have been at odds with these people since my high school years. An issue like Barton’s PTSD debacle reveals the problems with evangelicals who deny reality on theological grounds.

    • Tom Van Dyke

      But he didn’t say this. This is a lie. Why recirculate it?

      “Barton believes that anybody who behaves “biblically” during war can’t get PTSD. “

      • ken

        who here said:

        “Barton believes that anybody who behaves “biblically” during war can’t get PTSD.”

        I can’t find that quote anywhere in the text.

  • Tom Van Dyke

    Hold on there, WarrenT: “Mythical” Racial Knockout Game claims another old lady victim in NYC. Again. Mythically.


    Elderly woman could be city’s 10th ‘knockout game’ victim

    Yvonne Small, 76, fell to the ground after being punched by her assailant on Alabama Ave. and Wortman Ave. in East New York about 11:35 a.m.


    the knockout game a myth? – Alan Noble at Christ and Pop Culture makes a pretty compelling case that the hysteria over an upsurge in racially motivated attacks by black mobs is unwarranted.


    “The knockout game a myth?” Compelling case, Warren? No. This isn’t funny, or fodder for politics. We must set the record straight and acknowledge the problem.

    Your call.

    • $2268610
    • Warren Throckmorton

      Perhaps I should have written, knockout game increase a myth. As the post makes clear, I am not dismissing anything. I think Noble makes a good case that evidence stacking is occurring on this issue.

      • Tom Van Dyke

        IOW, senseless, sadistic random interracial violence isn’t increasing! Spread the good news.

        Or maybe the media can’t bury it so well anymore.

        White Girl Bleed a Lot: A Year Later, Is Racial Violence Worse?

        As documented in my book, the trend of black-on-white violence being ignored by media continues.


        November 5, 2013 – 7:54 am

        A black mob in New York beat a young white couple earlier this month. The event was horrific, but not unusual.

        Black mob violence is an increasingly common occurrence in many American cities, though you would never know of this trend from mass media. When confronted with astounding levels of such violence, the same reporters who dutifully produce stories about black caucuses, black churches, black colleges, and other race-based institutions suddenly become color-blind.

        The following incidents all occurred during the last several days — did you read about any of them?

        – In New Haven, Connecticut, 500 blacks attending a party billed as “An All Black Affair” fought and destroyed property in and around a downtown restaurant. The chaos then spread to two other nearby venues. Shockingly, no one was arrested – New Haven police claimed their resources were tied up with crowd control.

        – At Virginia State University, 200 black students rampaged through the campus, assaulting people and destroying property. One person was stabbed. Only one was arrested.

        – A small group of blacks beat and robbed riders on a New Jersey commuter train, sending four people to the hospital.

        – In racially fueled violence, blacks at the University of Minnesota robbed and assaulted four separate groups of white students over a weekend.

        Despite the very recent and short time frame, the above list is far from a complete accounting. The New York Daily News did cover the recent beating of a white couple, but dismissed the idea that the attack was race-fueled – despite witnesses reporting the attackers’ spewing racial epithets. The paper chose to quote a witness who described them as “just some teenagers.”

        A year ago in National Review, Thomas Sowell said he did not know how bad the problem was until he read my book White Girl Bleed a Lot:

        Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is even greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions.”

        One year following publication, the trend continues, and is now perhaps even worse than I had documented.

        See also Sowell