A New Front In The Driscoll Plagiarism Wars? Twagiarism

This one is a bit humorous.

Mark Driscoll likes to tweet pithy little tweets to his zillion followers throughout the day. At least someone is tweeting them in his name. Given what we now know, I figure maybe someone at Docent Research Group is helping out. Anyway, just a bit ago, Twitter user Sherideth Smith pointed out that one of Driscoll tweets was actually from Bill Murray.


In fact, Murray probably heard it from someone who heard it on Tumblr, maybe from this guy.

Louis CK used it too:

I suppose if I were Driscoll in this season, I would not try to pass off stuff as mine no matter how innocent it might seem.

Actually, according to this article, passing off other people’s tweets as your own is known as Twagiarism and has ensnared a few folks along the way.  Dreaming of being a Twitter star? Well, I have some advice.

Never give up on your dreams, keep sleeping*

*Source unknown, but I saw it first on Twitter.

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