Uganda’s President Rejects Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Says Parliament Broke the Law By Passing It

According to the Daily Monitor for Friday, January 17, President Museveni sent Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga a December 28 letter scolding Parliament for passing the Anti-Homosexuality bill without a quorum.

Museveni will apparently not assent to the bill and advised Kadaga that  “the NRM Caucus will find a scientifically correct position on the proposed anti-gay legislation” according to the Monitor.

Museveni apparently called gays “abnormal,” but added that legislation would not stop people from becoming homosexuality.

If Museveni formally returns the bill to Parliament, debate will take place. If the requested changes are not made, the President can send the bill back another time. A 2/3 majority would be required at that point to pass the bill. According to one MP, Museveni is committed to softening the bill.

If this is true, then perhaps Sen. Inhofe can express appreciation for stalling the bill when Inhofe meets with Museveni next week.


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