The Day After: Tabloid Publishes List of 200 Top Homosexuals; Ssempa Offers Gay Rehab; Far Right Reacts

The Uganda rag, The Red Pepper, has published what it says is a list of 200 Top Homosexuals.

One problem with the story is the statement that first time offenders can be sentenced to 14 years. According to the copy of the bill I posted yesterday, first offenders may be sentenced to life in prison. For touching.

This action is disgusting. I pray it does not incite Ugandans to persecute these people.

In this NY Daily News article, a picture is posted of Martin Ssempa who is now offering “rehabilitation counseling” for gays. ┬áHere is a similar picture from Twitter:

US exgay leader Darrell Foster congratulates Martin Ssempa.

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer thinks putting gays in prison for life is a good thing.

Scott Lively says Africans don’t really mean what they legislate.

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