Publisher Corrects Citation Problems in Mark Driscoll’s Book Who Do You Think You Are

In December 2013, I documented the presence of copied material from an InterVarsity Press reference book in Mark Driscoll’s book, Who Do You Think You Are? The material from a Dictionary of Paul and His Letters was copied without citation from a Docent Research Group report on Ephesians. See that post for more details.

Now the publisher has addressed the plagiarized material by adding footnotes to the book with the proper reference to Clinton Arnold’s article in the Dictionary. The changes haven’t shown up in the Google or Kindle version, but can be seen via the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon. Here is the before and after image:

Footnotes have been added to properly source the material that was unsourced previously.

Harper Collins Christian publisher stated in January that the problems in Real Marriage would be addressed. They addressed at least two problems. Now they have addressed the problems in another book.

I wonder how expensive it is to make all of these corrections.

For an interactive chart with all of the plagiarism and other citation problems to date, click here.

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