Joshua Harris and C.J. Mahaney No Longer Listed As Gospel Coalition Council Members

Checking out a lead that Joshua Harris and C.J. Mahaney had resigned from the Gospel Coalition Council, I asked the editor of the GC, Joe Carter, for comment. He wrote back to say that the GC isn’t commenting on the resignations and referred me to Harris and Mahaney for additional information.

The current Council page does not list either minister whereas the Google cache on May 16 shows both men.

Both men are leaders in the Sovereign Grace Ministries which has been rocked this week by the conviction of Nathan Morales, former member of former SGM flagship church Covenant Life Church on charges of child abuse. The church has been on the defensive due to allegations that senior leadership of the church knew of the allegations but did not report them to authorities.

This morning Joshua Harris tweeted his reason for resignation:


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