Mark Driscoll’s Books No Longer Offered By Lifeway Christian Stores

The day after Acts 29 Network dropped Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church from membership, I have learned that Lifeway Christian Stores are not selling Mark Driscoll’s books while Driscoll’s ministry is assessed. Acting on a tip, I contacted Lifeway media relations manager Marty King, who released this statement to me:

Lifeway Stores and are not selling Mark Driscoll’s books while we assess the developments regarding his ministry. 

I also called two local Lifeway bookstores and was told that books are being pulled from the shelves and are not available to customers.  The books have already been removed from the online bookstore.  Before today, Lifeway offered most, if not all, of his books. Some books which have a chapter by Driscoll are still available.

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