Gospel for Asia Still Claims Membership in Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

In a mailing just received today, Gospel for Asia’s fund solicitation still carries the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability seal. The letter is dated October 15, which is nearly two weeks after the ECFA board voted to terminate GFA’s membership.

Here is the pledge card with the seal and “Enhancing Trust” slogan (click to see letter and other materials):



Along with the ECFA charter member seal, the pledge card carries the meaningless ICA “Best in America” Seal.

According to the ECFA standards, this GFA mailing violates Standard 7.1 which relates to “Truthfulness in Communications.” According David Carroll, GFA’s COO, GFA will seek membership in the future. Continuing to violate a standard doesn’t seem like the best way to make a case for reinstatement.

By continuing to claim membership in the ECFA, GFA is in violation of ICA standards and the standards for qualification as a charity for inclusion in the Combined Federal Campaign.

The ICA requires truthful and non-deceptive fundraising materials (see the next to last bullet point in the image below):

ICA Standards


The Office of Personnel Management’s standards also require truthful materials.

CFC Rule Truth


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