FBI Says There is No Hate List So David Barton Can’t Be On It

Awhile ago, Right Wing Watch posted a clip of David Barton telling an audience that he was on the FBI website as a “hate group.” He also said there is a new hate group list out from the FBI and he is on it.

First, I went to the FBI website and used the search engine to look for Barton and/or Wallbuilders. I found nothing.

Curious, I decided to call the press office of the FBI and ask where I could see the new list and if Barton was on it. The representative said there was no list like that so Barton couldn’t be on it. She told me that the Southern Poverty Law Center publishes such a list.

I checked out the SPLC site and found an out of date article about Barton as an extremist but he wasn’t labeled a hate group as far as I could see.

In any case, it is hard to understand how Barton could confuse the FBI with the SPLC.

And I don’t believe you can be fined in San Antonio just for saying marriage is between a man and a woman.

And Ted Cruz says Trump voters are “low information.

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