Wallbuilders Live: David Barton is America’s Premier Historian

Source, Wallbuilders Facebook page
Source, Wallbuilders Facebook page

Last week, co-host of David Barton’s radio show Wallbuilders Live Rick Green started introducing Barton as “America’s premier historian.” Listen”

Green also introduces Barton with this description on May 10 and 16. He adds the title historian to the introduction of Barton’s son Tim.

I suspect historians and regular readers would not choose that phrase to describe Barton (e.g., how many premier historians have their books pulled from publication over historical errors?). In fact, that kind of self-inflation should be embarrassing. Is he really the best or most important historian in America? Who does that?

Since Barton runs Wallbuilders and is paying Green’s salary, he could stop it if he wanted to.

Update (5/18/16): Rick Green introduced Barton today as “America’s premier historian.”


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