Big Influential Names Gather in Alabama @LeadNet #400Gathering

In other news…

Mark Driscoll is speaking at what Ed Stetzer calls “a private meeting of the most influential churches in the country.” He tweeted that the meeting is in an undisclosed location but I found it pretty easily (Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL).  The blurb for the next gathering at Saddleback in January, 2017 says:

The theme is Religious Freedom and Conscience Rights in the New Season, and the event will serve as a forum for leading church Senior and Executive Pastors to discuss topics such as:

• What should our stance, practical tactics and preaching look like in our own local contexts in a country where “freedom to worship” has seemingly replaced “freedom of religion?”
• How will new norms impact outreach, guest services, personnel policy, marriage and communication strategies?
• How will Christian leaders be marginalized, ostracized and put on legal defensive and what should the response be?
• How will we equip our congregational leaders (especially lawyers, teachers, medical personnel and small businesspersons) to be salt and light in the new cultural environment?

Looks like a scarefest to me.

Since it is apparently secret, I don’t know what the theme of this one is.

If you want to know what the influential churches are talking about, you can follow along at #400gathering.


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