Southern Baptist Ethics Commission Stands Behind Russell Moore

I just saw this tweeted a bit ago. There is commentary from the Executive Committee of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and from Dr. Russell Moore.

The summary from the Executive Committee is as follows:

In many respects, it was the trustee system that allowed for the Conservative Resurgence in our denomination. As committed Southern Baptists with a great appreciation for our Convention, we take our fiduciary responsibility as trustees of the ERLC as a sober and serious stewardship. As an Executive Committee, we believe that Dr. Moore has taken appropriate measures to address this situation. We realize that divisions do not heal overnight, and as needs arise our Board will be happy to address them. But in terms of leadership and support, Dr. Moore is the man to whom it has been entrusted to lead this entity—speaking prophetically both to our culture and to our Convention. He will continue doing so with the confidence of our support.

Moore has been the subject of controversy due to his opposition to Donald Trump during the election season. Moore came out strongly against Trump’s morals and alienated Trump supporting Southern Baptists. Some had called for Moore’s resignation and threatened to withdraw financial support unless Moore is replaced. We will see what happens.

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