Spring Pledge Drive: So Far K-LOVE is Just Asking for Money

KLOVE CarIt is Spring Pledge Drive time at K-LOVE, and so far, the Christian mega station is just asking for money.

During past campaigns, K-LOVE has used other non-profits to provide a misleading incentive to give. One year, donors were told a $40/month donation would trigger a the gift of a pair of shoes for a poor child. Another drive, the hook was a warm coat.  However, as it turns out, those shoes and coats would have been given anyway.

So far this year, as far as I can tell, the pitch has not included a misleading marketing partnership. Watch:


Also, the K-LOVE website doesn’t mention a marketing partnership.

KLOVE 2017 Spring Pledge

About the only gimmick I see is the contests for a vacation and an Apple prize pack. While it may be a little tacky, it isn’t dishonest. I assume someone will win those things.

While I continue to believe donors should carefully assess whether or not K-LOVE really needs pledge drive funds to remain on the air (as opposed to using them to expand), so far the station has avoided the troubling marketing gimmicks of past campaigns.

If you hear any changes, let me know…

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