Trump’s Praying Pastor Touts Unearned Life Christian University PhD

Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne are a husband and wife ministry team with a little more fame today. On Monday, Howard-Browne posted an Instagram  picture of him with President Donald Trump and the group of pastors and other court evangelicals who laid hands on Trump in the Oval Office.

I recognized the Howard-Brownes as recipients, along with Joyce Meyer and David Barton, of unearned PhDs from Life Christian University.

Howard-Browne PhD

Life Christian University says these degrees are earned but the “students” don’t even attend the school. Due to Missouri law, evangelist Joyce Meyer had to stop claiming on her public website that the LCU PhD was earned. On the Howard-Brownes’ website, they claim to be “Drs.”

Howard-Browne Drs

I can’t tell who all of these people are but I am pretty sure the Howard-Brownes aren’t the only ones claiming unearned doctorates.



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