Woman Killed by White Supremacist in Charlottesville; League of the South President Says His Warriors Had a Good Day

A woman died today in Charlottesville, VA after a white supremacist protester plowed his car into a crowd. Two police officers died in a helicopter crash as they were attempting to do their jobs during the protest. Most responses to the violence and white supremacy on parade has been revulsion. However, the president of the white supremacist organization League of the South thought today went pretty well. Earlier today, Michael Hill tweeted:

Despite claims from some League of the South members that they were non-violent, pictures taken at the scene appear to contradict that story. Below League of the South members clash with counter-protesters. In the center of the action appears to be League president Michael Hill.

When one examines the person in the red circle, it looks a lot like LoS president Michael Hill.

LoS Michael Hill Cville

This Twitter user took several photos worth examining. Click here to follow his twitter account.

Even as white supremacists are reveling in their “successes,” I hope the ugliness of their actions will turn the general public against their goals and lead to the removal of more Confederate icons.

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