Capital Gazette (MD) Columnist: Michael Peroutka is Not a Republican

Mike Collins, columnist for the Capital Gazette, has a helpful summary of Michael Peroutka's statements which build to the conclusion that Peroutka can be called many things, but Republican is not one of them. In an odd twist, I suppose you could call him a RINO.Collins exhorts his fellow Republicans to consider the impact of their vote:Before Election Day, I ask Republicans in District 5 — and throughout the county—to think through some questions: Do you want this wretched man to take on … [Read more...]

Has Mark Driscoll’s Verdict Already Been Decided?

A key to broad acceptance of whatever decision is made regarding charges against Mark Driscoll by the Mars Hill Board of Advisors and Accountability is the perception that the BOAA is objective. In light of remarks by BOAA chair Matt Rogers and reported in the Seattle Times yesterday, some former Mars Hill leaders are questioning the BOAA's objectivity. Rogers told the Seattle Times:“The hard part is that some of what’s out there is true, and he’s owned it and apologized for it and is trying … [Read more...]

James Taylor – You Can Close Your Eyes

And now a pause that refreshes...Zenful and silky smooth, this is a great performance of a great song. … [Read more...]

Article on the Mars Hill Implosion at Daily Beast

This morning the Daily Beast published my article summarizing the melt down at Mars Hill.While much will be familiar to regular readers of the blog, there is some new material via quotes from three former attenders/members. … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Member Speaks Out About Lost Trust

Michael Redfield is a current Mars Hill Church member. He recently posted a couple of lengthy comments on my blog which include his assessment of Mars Hill's leaders, and their response to the recent crisis.  They seem to express what many former and current members are saying to me. Redfield told me that he also posted these comments to the church feedback website.His first comment about 6 days ago regarding the "Financial Challenges" page on the church website: Below is my just posted m … [Read more...]

Someone Tell Matt Rogers That the Investigation of Mark Driscoll Isn’t Over

driscoll seattle times

Craig Welch of the Seattle Times has an lengthy article on Mars Hill Church that provides a nice summary of the events since November, 2013. In his reporting, Welch got an interview with Matt Rogers, newly tapped chair of the Mars Hill Board of Advisors and Accountability. Even though Rogers and the BOAA passed off the investigation of Driscoll's charges to the recently created Board of Elders, Rogers seems to know the facts about Driscoll. He told Welch:“The hard part is that some of what’s … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Member: 12 Steps to Rebuild Trust with Members

These days I interact with many current and former Mars Hill Church members. Often these current and former members express their aspirations for Mars Hill and wish that change would take place. Many of them are ambivalent about the church; they enjoy the relationships there and often believe the teaching is helpful to their lives, but they also are exasperated with the financial problems, emphasis on the Driscoll brand and lack of transparency from the leaders. They often believe big business … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Board of Elders Investigate Charges Against Mark Driscoll


On Monday, the newly formed Mars Hill Church Board of Elders posted a message on the Mars Hill website written by Mars Hill Sammamish lead pastor Alex Ghioni. Ghioni had posted another version September 5 on The City (also posted on Reddit).The versions are slightly different with perhaps the most interesting difference being the source of the charge for the Board of Elders. Last week to his congregation, Ghioni said the executive elders were responsible:The current version says that … [Read more...]