U.S. District Court of Western Arkansas Rules RICO Case Can Proceed Against Gospel for Asia

In April 2016, Gospel for Asia's celebrity attorneys asked the Western Arkansas District Court to either dismiss the RICO suit against them or to require plaintiffs Matthew and Jennifer Dickson to submit to binding arbitration.  Today, the court declined to dismiss the case. Furthermore, they declined to require the Dicksons to enter arbitration, ruling that their employment contract did not envision a case such as this.In short, the RICO suit against Gospel for Asia will go forward. From … [Read more...]

Christian Leaders Call for Confrontation and Prayer for President Trump

Thirty-six Christian leaders are promoting a letter titled, “Appeal to Christians Regarding President-Elect Donald Trump” and are seeking co-signers on a Change.org petition.The petition calls for Christians to pray for Trump and for Trump to repent of his rhetoric "dishonoring the image of God in others."The full statement follows: In these times of difficult conversations and sometimes fractious words, we celebrate the political diversity of our churches. We are thankful that the U.S. … [Read more...]

House Vote to Create Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, August 2, 1983

On the urgent issue of civil rights, Senator Goldwater represents a philosophy that is morally indefensible and politically and socially suicidal.-Martin Luther King, Jr. on the nomination of Barry Goldwater as GOP candidate for president. Over the weekend, far right conservative filmmaker and pundit Dinesh D'Souza inflamed Twitter by claiming that Rep. John Lewis ("John Lewis is not a "legend"--he was a minor player in the civil rights movement who became a nasty, bitter old … [Read more...]

This Popular Quote — A Private Faith That Does Not Act — Is about William Wilberforce Not by Him

When I first read it, it occurred to me that there was something not quite right about the tweet below:"A private faith that does not act in the face of oppression is no faith at all."#WilliamWilberforce pic.twitter.com/ssJw5KOs6L — Colin Bloom (@Colin_Bloom) January 5, 2017Eric Metaxas, who wrote a biography about Wilberforce, retweeted the quote without comment so surely it was said by Wilberforce, right?I view most quotes now with suspicion (see this quote misattributed to B … [Read more...]

Ecclesia College: There Will Be No New Statement about the Arkansas Bribery Scandal

Just a little while ago, this statement appeared on the Ecclesia College Facebook page: Ecclesia College Ecclesia has previously released a statement regarding the Micah Neal plea agreement and will not be issuing any further statement at this time. You can read the prior statement denying any wrongdoing here.For more on Ecclesia College and the Arkansas bribery scandal, read here, here, here, here, here, and here.I suspect Ecclesia's attorneys have advised anyone associated with the c … [Read more...]

Over $600,000 of State Funding Went to Ecclesia College in FY 2013

Yesterday, Max Brantley at the Arkansas blog posted results of his freedom of information request from the state government. He was able to get emails regarding funds funneled to Ecclesia College as well as the subpoena to the Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District from investigators looking into the Arkansas bribery scandal.I found one email especially interesting. In it, the NWAEDD sent a listing of grants issued by the District to Ecclesia College. See it below:The … [Read more...]

New Report: More Plagiarism Found in Monica Crowley’s PhD Dissertation

After the original CNN KFile report on plagiarism in Monica Crowley's 2012, Politico reported plagiarism in her PhD dissertation. HarperCollins then pulled the book from the shelves. Today, Andrew Kaczynski has found even more plagiarism in the dissertation.I have never seen anything quite like this. I have a hard time believing that Columbia University won't take some kind of action about it. If Kaczynski's work is accurate, it looks like thousands of words and scores of passages have been … [Read more...]

Trump and RussiaGate – Some Good Things to Read and Consider

The latest news to hit involving Donald Trump is potentially the most troubling. A leaked report (available to read at Buzzfeed) from a retired intelligence operative claims Vladimir Putin authorized a scheme to cultivate Trump as an ally and conspired with Trump's campaign to undermine Clinton. There are accusations of sex tapes involving Trump and treasonous behavior. At least, it will function like the Trump-fueled birther conspiracy. At most, the document reveals treason and impeachable … [Read more...]