David Barton: Donald Trump is God’s Guy in This Election

So he told his Wallbuilders audience today.Right Wing Watch has the audio.What is maddening about Barton's description is that he was asked for advice by a delegate who doesn't believe Trump should represent the GOP. Instead of pointing the delegate to the Free the Delegate movement, he told him to accept Trump as "God's guy."Barton rationalized his advice: "One thing I know for sure is that in the race of primaries, we had a lot really good God guys in there," Barton said. "And we … [Read more...]

Message to the GOP Rules Committee: Free the Delegates

The Free the Delegate movement is moving. I was in on a conference call over the weekend put on by the Free the Delegate folks and it appears they are serious about proposing a rule change to free delegates to vote for the perceived best candidate, even if that isn't Donald Trump. One sign of serious intent is the development of a command center in Cleveland. Another is the following ad:I think this is just the beginning.  … [Read more...]

In His New Book, Eric Metaxas Whitewashes George Whitefield on Slavery

In his new book If You Can Keep It, Eric Metaxas provides an overview of early American history in order to remind us what is special about America. In the process, he provides a pithy formula for national success, but he makes significant historical errors and glosses over important facts. One such fact is the involvement of evangelist George Whitefield in introducing slavery to Georgia.In his chapter on Whitefield (which appears to be summarized without attribution from Thomas Kidd's … [Read more...]

Beware of Churchmen Making Political Declarations

Through an article by Peter Leithart at First Things, I recently became aware of Complicity with the Holocaust, a haunting book about how religious and academic leaders praised the rise of the Nazis. The book by Robert Erickson cites statements of support for the Nazis made by clergy during and after the rise of Hitler's regime. The reason I bring this up is because some of these statements are quite similar to the glowing statements which have been made about current political figures.Now, … [Read more...]

Hispanic Southern Baptist Pastors Criticize Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board

Donald Trump told evangelical leaders on Tuesday that he believes he will do well among Hispanic voters. These Hispanic Southern Baptist pastors see things differently. They lament the joining of evangelicals (especially Southern Baptists) and prosperity gospel preachers and they consider Trump's rhetoric about Hispanics to fuel racism.  Here is their statement:Our Response to the “Trump Evangelical Advisory Board”OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – As Christian pastors, and Hispanic Baptist leaders, we … [Read more...]

Trump Solicited Donations During the Primaries, Now He Says He Didn’t Ask for a Dime

On Facebook, Donald Trump is asking for campaign contributions. This is from earlier today:He said he didn't ask his supporters for a "single dime." The only way that is true is if he means that he literally did not ask for one dime. On his campaign website continuously throughout the primaries, Trump had at least two "Donate" buttons on the front page of his website. The "Donate" button is on the page all the way back to at least May 2015. Maybe he didn't want a single dime, but if … [Read more...]

Jerry Falwell, Sr. Condemned Jimmy Carter for Playboy Interview

Times have changed.Yesterday, Jerry Falwell, Jr. was widely criticized for a photo of Falwell, his wife and Donald Trump posing in front of a framed copy of Playboy with Donald Trump on the cover.Honored to introduce @realDonaldTrump at religious leader summit in NYC today! He did incredible job! @beckifalwell pic.twitter.com/e2eBSbQwb0 — J L Falwell (@JerryJrFalwell) June 21, 2016Falwell has been defiant in responding to criticism even blocking critical Liberty University s … [Read more...]

Jerry Falwell Jr Tweets Photo with Donald Trump and Playboy Cover in Background (UPDATED)

One might think this was an Onion story. However, it was tweeted by Jerry Falwell Jr.Thumbs up, baby!Honored to introduce @realDonaldTrump at religious leader summit in NYC today! He did incredible job! @beckifalwell pic.twitter.com/e2eBSbQwb0— J L Falwell (@JerryJrFalwell) June 21, 2016One can't change history. Trump was featured in the magazine in 1990 (he also rewarded a winning Apprentice team with a trip to the Playboy mansion in 2006). But would you invite 500 of your … [Read more...]