Milk-a-what? My fav Super Bowl commercials

#1#2And the one that hooked me... … [Read more...]

Coming this week: On the scene at the National Prayer Breakfast

 By invitation of National Prayer Breakfast organizers, I will be visiting events surrounding the Thursday meeting. Watch for posts on the events from Tuesday through at least Friday. … [Read more...]

Help a sister out, part two: The deadline approacheth

Update: Thanks for helping the sis. Team Grove City pulled out the victory in the last couple of hours.That would be midnight. Here is the entry for my girl child's high school video production class. Play it and rate it awesome and they might get the spot on television during the Super [Commercial] Bowl.Thanks!!!! … [Read more...]

Help a sister out. Watch this, vote for it and share with your world.

Watch this Edinboro University Commercial.Click the link and help my daughter's high school video production class win this competition. One of the commercials in the top six will be shown locally during the Super Bowl. Grove City High School is the only high school entry and doing well so far.  Show some love to the class on or before January 15.I owe you one. … [Read more...]

2009: Top ten stories

In the past, I have done a lengthly review. No time for that this year, so here goes...1. Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill - What else? Click the link to read all of the posts on the top two stories, including several exclusive stories and interviews. This guest post by author Jeff Sharlet is one of the most visited posts ever. This story may be the #1 story in 2010 as well. Check out the Facebook group, now with nearly 14,000 members.2. Uganda's ex-gay conference - The March conference d … [Read more...]

Technorati says we’re moving on up…

Some readers may know more about what this means, if anything, than I do but a reader pointed out that the blog is now classified as a top 100 religion blog (#24 to be exact). Apparently Technorati rates the reach of blogs daily and this one was a top ten mover yesterday.Thanks for reading and recommending the blog to your friends. … [Read more...]

Guest blogging tomorrow at US News and World Report

Just a head's up to watch for the tomorrow's God and Country Blog at US News and World Report. Yours truly will have an article about the recent APA task force report and the contention that the APA advocates that conflicted people just switch churches if they can't work out the conflict.Check out the week's other guest authors and thanks to host Dan Gilgoff for the opportunity. … [Read more...]

Do you Twitter?

At first, I didn't get Twitter. Not sure I do now but I do like it.So if you are a Tweeter, consider adding me to your list of folks to follow.Go here and click Follow. … [Read more...]