Blogkeeping: Holiday schedule

Ah, 'tis the season to be jolly. And for me, 'tis the season to reduce the number of blog posts I write.This will probably hold true through the month of December. After the finals are given and graded, it will be time to relax a bit. There are some stories or issues that could change that plan but for now, that is the plan.Let me take a moment to explain the icons in the left hand column of the blog. The first one is my first effort at writing children's fiction. Over the past … [Read more...]

I am scheduled to be on CNN Newsroom Sunday

I will be on CNN Newsroom Sunday at 8:30am (ET) 7/24 to talk about evangelicals and reparative therapy.I believe the focus is going to be on the recent issues relating to Marcus Bachmann's clinic, Exodus, and Mark Yarhouse's research demonstrating no orientation change on average in mixed orientation marriages. … [Read more...]

David Barton page

By request, I have created a page with links to the major posts on the claims of Wallbuilders' leader David Barton.Although more cumbersome, you can get all posts where Barton is tagged here.Happy Independence Day weekend! … [Read more...]

Summer in the City – Lovin Spoonful

This short 1966 classic brought the heat.Heads up: during the summer, I will be putting up some "best hits" from the past. I have some writing projects that I must get done and won't be able to blog as consistently as usual. This week, I will put up some posts on reparative therapy with a couple of new posts about an article coming up in the New York Time weekend magazine on sexual identity therapy. I think it will post sometime on Wednesday. Stay tuned... … [Read more...]

Summer blogkeeping

This summer I will not be posting as frequently because I am working on some academic writing that must get finished within the next few months. I will post some this week but they will taper off as the summer goes on.I also am going to halt comments for most posts from now on. Moderating snarky gotcha comments takes too much time and I hope a break will provide those who like to read and comment here with some time to reflect on what they would like to contribute to common ground … [Read more...]

Milk-a-what? My fav Super Bowl commercials

#1#2And the one that hooked me... … [Read more...]

Coming this week: On the scene at the National Prayer Breakfast

 By invitation of National Prayer Breakfast organizers, I will be visiting events surrounding the Thursday meeting. Watch for posts on the events from Tuesday through at least Friday. … [Read more...]

Help a sister out, part two: The deadline approacheth

Update: Thanks for helping the sis. Team Grove City pulled out the victory in the last couple of hours.That would be midnight. Here is the entry for my girl child's high school video production class. Play it and rate it awesome and they might get the spot on television during the Super [Commercial] Bowl.Thanks!!!! … [Read more...]