The Covenant: A Mormon Mission Tool?

Yesterday, I posted a reaction to The Covenant by Timothy Ballard. It was of interest to me initially because David Barton endorsed it in a manner that indicates he believes America entered a covenant with God when the first settlers came here.  Ballard believes that God signaled that covenant in Genesis 49 via a prophecy about Joseph. According to Ballard, American are descended from Joseph through Ephraim and therefore have a right to consider America a nation in covenant with God.In … [Read more...]

Author endorsed by David Barton claims founding of America was prophesied in Genesis

Tracking down a claim that David Barton views America as a covenant nation, a commenter provided a link to Timothy Ballard’s book, The Covenant: America’s Sacred and Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel.  Barton endorsed Ballard’s book in a manner which indicates that he agrees with the central concept of America having a covenant with God. About the book, Barton wrote:The concept of what a covenant truly is and means is unfamiliar to most today, for it far surpasses any legal unders … [Read more...]

Baptist Minister Reacts to David Barton’s Justification of Indian Destruction

At Crosswalk and Huffington Post, I posted articles this week with comments from Randy Adams, outreach minister with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (Southern Baptist). Adams has outreach responsibilities with Native Americans in OK and has commented before on Bryan Fischer's views of native people. He reacted similarly to Barton's statements about the destruction of Indian tribes as being a part of a just war theory.About Barton's claims, Adams said, "using just war theory to … [Read more...]

Reporting on the Kansas Prayer Breakfast, Topeka Capital-Journal Covers David Barton Controversy

David Barton spoke at the Kansas Governor's Prayer Breakfast today and among other things again said that the Constitution directly quotes the Bible. And if you don't see it, you wouldn't know a Bible verse if it bit you. So reports Phil Anderson of the Topeka C-J.Anderson then provides quotes from me about the misleading statements Barton frequently makes at such meetings. He says some historians disagree with Barton about direct quotes from the Bible. I think it would be more accurate to … [Read more...]

More on David Barton and King Philip’s War

After David Barton's astounding defense of the destruction of Indian tribes and their means of supporting themselves, I started reading more about King Philip's War. Barton said the Indians declared war to defend torture in particular and their culture more generally. This is inadequate as an explanation. In addition to any concerns about culture, there was the more important matter of English encroachment on Indian lands. Philip (Metacomet, son of Massasoit) had appreciation for elements of … [Read more...]

David Barton Justifies Civilizing Indians By Destroying Them

Yesterday, on Wallbuilders Live, David Barton addressed just war theory and conduct toward nations who don't follow conventions of war. In doing so, he said:What happened was the Indian leaders said "they're trying to change our culture" and so they declared war on all the white guys and went after the white guys and that was King Philip's War.  It was really trying to be civilized on one side and end torture and the Indians were threatened by the ending of torture and so we had to go in and … [Read more...]

World Publishes Our Response to David Barton

World continues the focus on the Barton Controversy with our rebuttal to Barton's response to our book.We focus on Barton's contention that we make mountains out of molehills in our critique. In fact, the details matter as we demonstrate.We also make it clear that Barton isn't living by his own standards. He takes historians to task for using secondary sources, but he does the same thing. His sources are often unknown as with the Louis L'Amour story presented on Glenn Beck's Show as an … [Read more...]

Even David Barton’s Allies Have to Clarify His Statements

Glenn Beck and David Barton went on a rant last week about CSCOPE - a social studies program which is in most Texas schools. I watched part of it and if I didn't know better, I would have been worried about communists coming to my doorstep in the form of CSCOPE curriculum writers.At any rate, Barton had big slides of CSCOPE materials (some of it with DRAFT written on it) and illustrations of what had been removed and added by the comrades at CSCOPE. Apparently, the changes that Barton … [Read more...]