Getting Jefferson Right on Radio in Black and White

I will be on Radio Black and White WPRR in about 5 minutes…— Warren Throckmorton (@wthrockmorton) July 30, 2012 Click the link above to listen live... … [Read more...]

David Barton Takes Aim at His Critics in Part Two of The Blaze Series

Part one is here; part two of The Blaze series where Barton answers his critics is more of the same from David Barton's first response on his Wallbuilders' website.The article does not mention that Coulter and I are conservative Christians, both being active in our churches, we are not afraid of religion. We did not write our book to attack Christianity but to be faithful to it. In light of that fact, a reasonable question would have been: why are conservative Christians are also critiquing y … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Begins Series on David Barton

This morning Glenn Beck's news site, The Blaze, launched a three-part series examining criticism of David Barton. Today was given to a description of some of Barton's critics while the next two days, Barton will have the platform.My book with Michael Coulter, Getting Jefferson Right, was mentioned as well as a couple of blog posts. Stephen Prothero's USA Today column was mentioned as was criticism from a NYT's article about Barton. I was glad to see the links to the articles so readers can … [Read more...]

Getting Jefferson Right Now Available in Paperback

 Now there is no excuse for getting Jefferson wrong!To get him right, now you can read Getting Jefferson Right on the Kindle, the Nook, any digital device, your computer (for only 4.99) and/or in paperback (12.95).Amazon will have it available on the main site within a week and it should be in stores within a month or two. If you happen to go into Borders, Barnes and Noble, your local Christian book store, etc., ask them to carry it.To find out more about the book and order … [Read more...]

Founders’ Bible Cites Pro-Slavery Leader as Proponent of America as a Christian Nation, Part Two

On Monday I noted that a publisher associated with The Founders' Bible disclosed on his forum that James Hammond, pro-slavery leader prior to the Civil War, would be included in that Bible as a proponent of the view that America is a Christian nation.  Read that post for a selection of Hammond's ugly views.In this post, I want to provide a little more information on Hammond's views and begin with the day of thanksgiving proclamation made by Hammond which led to the quotes in the Founders' … [Read more...]

Founders’ Bible Rewrites Exodus 18 to Fit Christian Nation Narrative

Yesterday, I wrote about the disturbing inclusion of racist and pro-slavery James Hammond in an article to accompanying The Founders' Bible.  Although not as distressing as the Hammond article, there are other problems with articles in the Bible that have come up before. Today, I want to note just one of them - the rewriting of Exodus 18.If John E. Peterson's rendering is accurate (this link has been disabled, here is the Google cache), then here is one thing the Founders' Bible says about E … [Read more...]

In a Close Vote: Barton Beats Out Zinn for Least Credible History Book

In a photo finish, David Barton's The Jefferson Lies beat out Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States for the title of "Least Credible History Book in Print" put on by George Mason University's History News Network.Readers of the History News Network have voted David Barton's The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You've Always Believe About Thomas Jefferson the least credible history book in print in a week-long HNN poll. The book edged out Howard Zinn's A People's History of th … [Read more...]

Founders’ Bible Cites Pro-Slavery Leader as Proponent of America as a Christian Nation

At the end of the month at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love rally in Dallas, David Barton will sign his new book. While he may sign some copies of his other new book -- The Jefferson Lies -- the new book I am referring to is called The Founder’s Bible.  From 2:30-4:00pm on July 26, Barton will sign the Bible and then the next day at 9:00-10:00am Barton will give a speech about it.There is very little information about The Founder’s Bible on the web. The website, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube page … [Read more...]