Correcting Scott Lively’s Conspiracy Theory

On the Bryan Fischer Show Tuesday, and then yesterday via Twitter, David Barton spoke favorably of Scott Lively’s article defending Barton, posted earlier this week. The chief aim of the article is to link my criticisms of Scott Lively’s book The Pink Swastika with our fact checking of claims made by David Barton about Thomas Jefferson in The Jefferson Lies.The mention of Lively comes at about 5 minutes into the clip I posted on Monday. Then today, Barton tweeted the article to his foll … [Read more...]

Institute for Religion and Democracy Laments David Barton’s “Unfortunate, Unnecessary Exaggerations”

In a column posted yesterday on Patheos and then today on the website of the Institute for Religion and Democracy, IRD President Mark Tooley laments David Barton's "unfortunate, unnecessary exaggerations."In this measured piece, Tooley runs through some of the usual suspects - Barton's exaggerations of Jefferson's involvement in the church at the Capitol, his misstep on Jefferson and slavery and Jefferson's heterodox religious faith.  I take Tooley's point to be that these and other … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze on Barton and His Critics

This article includes many quotes from me and responses to issues raised in David Barton's The Jefferson Lies.Open forum... … [Read more...]

What can be learned from the David Barton controversy

John Fea posted a must-read article on Patheos this morning about what can be learned from the debacle over The Jefferson Lies. He brings together many threads and items of relevance to the entire controversy. I hope those who still think criticisms of Barton's history are only coming from Alinsky-inspired liberals will read this piece.The truth is out there. The effort to paint us all as academic elitists and liberals is just a way to try to change the subject.Go read Fea's post; it is … [Read more...]

David Barton Attacks; Tells Me How to Do Psychology

Of late, David Barton and his staffer Rick Green have savaged me due to their perception that his book, The Jefferson Lies, was pulled by Thomas Nelson publishers because of our book Getting Jefferson Right. Green linked the professors who reviewed his book with the tactics of Hitler and Alinsky and now Barton is attacking me over my academic position on reparative therapy. Roll the tape:So let me get this right. Barton says I have no basis to critique his claims about Jefferson … [Read more...]

New Getting Jefferson Right Endorsement: Charles Dunn

Former Dean and current Distinguished Professor of Government in the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, Charles Dunn, sent along an endorsement of Getting Jefferson Right. Dunn's endorsement:"'Getting Jefferson Right' by Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter stands up for truth in scholarship against the scholarly problems found in David Barton's 'The Jefferson's Lies.' Because of the courage of Throckmorton and Coulter, Barton has regrettably fallen from his pedestal of … [Read more...]

Media on David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies

The UK Guardian covered the removal of Barton's book today.Glenn Beck's news site The Blaze reported on the removal of the book and carried a Barton v. Throckmorton section to be completed tomorrow.Here is a link to several more stories on the Barton controversy over The Jefferson Lies going back to last week. … [Read more...]

Wallbuilders #2 Man Compares David Barton’s Critics to Hitler and Alinsky

Rick Green, David Barton's right hand man at Wallbuilders, uses some creative and colorful language to address those who have examined David Barton's claims about Thomas Jefferson.Question: What do elitist professors have in common with Adolf Hitler & Saul Alinsky?Answer: They masterfully use the powerful art of innuendo to falsely defame those with which they disagree.Definition of Innuendo: A derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing.The internet is abuzz today with le … [Read more...]