What Really Happened In the Settlement of David Barton’s Defamation Suit?

In an email to supporters last week, David Barton said that his historical claims had been vindicated by winning a defamation lawsuit. Barton wrote: The more publicized of the two defamation lawsuits we won was the one where David was labeled an anti-Semite, racist, and white supremacist. But the second lawsuit we won addressed the false claims that David's works are widely discredited, that he is an admitted liar, that he makes up his history, etc.  What second lawsuit?Prior to this … [Read more...]

David Barton Smooths Over His Errors about Thomas Jefferson’s Quran

Today on a segment of the Glenn Beck Show*, David Barton was asked if Salon was correct that Thomas Jefferson owned a Quran 16 years before he wrote the Declaration of Independence or is what Glenn Beck always heard (from Barton actually) true that Jefferson got a Quran after he became ambassador to Tripoli because he wanted to know his enemy. Here is what Barton said today (start at 3:54 for the question):Your browser does not support iframes.Beck asked "which is true?" Barton replied, … [Read more...]

David Barton Again Misleads a Church About Violent Crime

Since at least mid-2013, David Barton has been telling church audiences that violent crime has gone up 694% since the Supreme Court ruled on prayer and Bible reading in public schools. I wrote first about this in 2013, and then again last year. Recently at First Baptist Church in Eastland TX, he made the same false claim. Watch:His chart demonstrating a rise in crime from the early 1960s only goes to the mid-1990s. There was a rise in crime during that period. However, the crime rate has … [Read more...]

Wait, What? Moments from the Right and Left

Earlier today I saw this tweet: I got health insurance through Obamacare for just $78 per month. Unbelievable. Amazing. #ILoveObama. pic.twitter.com/9kINbFPW0e— Zach Green (@140elect) February 17, 2015Wait, what?I replied that it was unbelievable and that I would like to see evidence. So far, community organizer Zach Green hasn't provided anything on his twitter feed. It sounds too good to be true. Thus, evidence is needed.Just a bit ago, Right Wing Watch posted David Barton's … [Read more...]

David Barton on Real Life with Jack Hibbs: Did the University of Virginia Have Chaplains?

David Barton was on Calvary Chapel pastor Jack Hibbs' show Real Life with Jack Hibbs last night. Part one is available on You Tube with apparently more to come. They didn't get into much until near the end of this segment. At about 22 minutes into the video, Barton accuses others of using history to support an agenda. Then he illustrates how he revises the work of PhDs in history with original sources by citing his involvement in a 2011 book with Daryl Cornett, William Henard, and John Sassi … [Read more...]

Simon & Schuster Has No Plans to Publish David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies

Yesterday, I wrote about how Thomas Nelson removed David Barton's The Jefferson Lies from publication in late July, 2012. According to philosopher Jay Richards, Barton's book was investigated by Thomas Nelson and then removed from their catalog several days before anyone reported it publicly. Richards led an effort to gather information to inform Glenn Beck about the historical problems in Barton's work. Beck, along with other religious conservatives, eventually chose to ignore the evaluations … [Read more...]

More of the Story Behind the Demise of David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies

On his Wallbuilders show last Friday, David Barton belittled the number of Facebook followers Getting Jefferson Right has. I replied:At the end of the broadcast, the gang makes light of the number of Facebook likes the Getting Jefferson Right page has. How about another comparison with the now pulled from print The Jefferson Lies? How about comparing the number of favorable reviews from actual historians each book has?I know our book has several quality reviews posted on our book websi … [Read more...]

Brian Williams Given Six Month Suspension Without Pay

Reportedly, he makes $10+million a year so he will be able to be suspended comfortably.However, that is just the tip of this iceberg. Others are investigating his Katrina coverage (gangs and a dead body floating in the street).I doubt we'll see him back at the anchor desk.Now, when will Christians stop propping up leaders who "misremember" how their court cases turn out and whether or not the Constitution quotes the Bible verbatim? … [Read more...]