Today’s Lesson in White Privilege is Brought to You by David Barton

Yesterday, Right Wing Watch posted some audio of David Barton lamenting his status as white, Christian male. Want to understand white privilege? Today's lesson is brought to us by Mr. Barton. On the American Pastor's Network radio show, Barton said (audio posted by RWW): Every item in the Bill of Rights is given to every individual, it’s not given to groups, but today, the Supreme Court says the purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect the minority from the majority. Now how stupid is that? B … [Read more...]

David Barton Offers Spring Break Teachers Conference

Instead of relaxing and refreshing, school teachers can now look forward to several days with David Barton over Spring Break.Barton left off some of the "how-to" topics he should cover.How to omit pertinent historical facts from your presentations. How to misattribute pithy quotes to your favorite historical figure (Part one, Part two) How to turn fiction books into sources of historical facts. How to cite only the statistics you need to support your position. How to … [Read more...]

David Barton Criticizes Public Schools Then Incorrectly Links Quote to Lincoln

You can't make this up.Writing for OneNewsNow today, David Barton claimed to know the thinking behind the protestors who descended on Washington DC during the inauguration weekend. Without providing any polling or even anecdotal evidence, he said the protestors were unaware of the reasons why a candidate for president could win the popular vote but lose the election. He said the protestors were unaware that America is not a pure democracy. Somehow, Barton knows the views of all those … [Read more...]

Ecclesia College Bans Questions about Arkansas Bribery Scandal

Last week, Arkansas state representative Micah Neal pleaded guilty to fraud and accepting bribes from two non-profits in his district in exchange for state government discretionary funds. One of the non-profits has been identified as Ecclesia College, a Bible college in Springdale, Arkansas. In the plea agreement with Rep. Neal, the president of Ecclesia College -- Oren Paris III -  is referred to as one of those who authorized payments to Rep. Neal. After this news emerged, Paris issued a … [Read more...]

Ecclesia College Benefited from Arkansas Bribery Scheme

UPDATE: Ecclesia College president Oren Paris III tonight issued a statement denying any wrongdoing in this case.A news report out of Arkansas sounds ominous for some of the blog's favorite people.Ecclesia College received $200,000 from an Arkansas government agency to build a building on campus. According to the report a sitting State Representative took a $18,000 bribe in order to funnel the money to Ecclesia.This isn't the first time Ecclesia benefited from public funds. The … [Read more...]

Trump Transition Team Member Darrell Scott Touts Doctorate from Unaccredited, Unlicensed College

Recently, I have been looking into diploma mills and questionable doctorate degrees given to celebrity Christians.In two weeks, Cleveland pastor and Donald Trump supporter Darrell Scott will be honored by former Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown's charity Amer-i-can for his work in support of Trump's election. Throughout the presidential campaign, Scott promoted Donald Trump. He served as CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Scott was rewarded for his efforts by an … [Read more...]

More Questionable Quotes from David Barton: Who is Disrespecting History?

I realize this isn't exactly big news but David Barton's use of questionable quotes caught my eye because there is a local connection.In a WND article out yesterday, David Barton described a situation in nearby Oil City, PA. Here is his not-quite-accurate version: Because these groups are non-discriminatory in their God-hating, even our venerated military heroes are not off limits. The Veterans of Foreign Wars in Oil City, Pennsylvania, placed a bench in a city park, and on the bench was an … [Read more...]

David Barton Criticizes the Accuracy of Bill O’Reilly’s History Books

This is a classic.Self-styled historian David Barton (with the fake PhD he won't explain) now comes forward with criticism of the accuracy of Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly's history books. Lack of self-awareness, thy name is Barton.The context is Barton's daily Wallbuilders Live (which is recorded) radio show. Barton responds to a question from a listener about the accuracy of O'Reilly's books, especially Killing Reagan. Now actual historians have ripped O'Reilly's book on Reagan so … [Read more...]