David Barton and the Biblical Constitution

In his speeches to churches, David Barton asserts that there are Bible verses throughout the Constitution. On past occasions, he has said that the Constitution quotes the Bible verbatim. In his recent appearance before Crossroads Church in Oklahoma City, OK, Barton said people today don't recognize these verses in the Constitution because they are ignorant about the Bible. He begins his discussion of the Bible and the Constitution at about 12 minutes into the following sermon:Barton … [Read more...]

David Barton Calls Paying Pastors “Church Welfare”

In a response to the Supreme Court cases on gay marriage yesterday, David Barton said ministers should be "bivocational" to prevent them relying on "church welfare," otherwise known as a minister's salary.Barton was on Glenn Beck's show yesterday opining about the importance of the two gay marriage cases on the military, the state department, and Christian conscience. In discussing the effect of the rulings on conscience, Barton said ministers who refuse to perform gay marriages may … [Read more...]

David Barton: The Bible in Schools and Violent Crime

In two recent sermons (Whitesburg Baptist Church - AL; Crossroads Church - OK), David Barton told his audience that violent crime has increased 694% since the 1963 Supreme Court decision on Bible reading in schools. Barton cited Benjamin Rush as a founding father who believe the Bible should be in schools. According to Barton, Rush warned that crime would increase if the Bible was ever removed from education.To his audience at Crossroads (36 minutes into the video), Barton showed this chart … [Read more...]

What Should David Barton Do About The Capitol Tour Video?

In light of David Barton's tacit admission that he has made multiple errors of fact in the Capitol Tour video, it is worth considering how he should respond. Thus far, he has simply edited out some errors and replaced the audio with updated information. The consequences are that new viewers of the video will assume that Barton presented the new information at the time of the tour and that viewers of the prior video will not have the benefit of what was altered. In addition, some historical … [Read more...]

Know Anyone Confused About American History?

Mt. Hope Church in Lansing MI is about to find out.Do you know anyone a little confused about our nations history... from Mount Hope Church on Vimeo.David Barton visits Mount Hope Church, Lansing MI on June 30, 2013. … [Read more...]

Politifact Debunks David Barton’s NRA Origin Story

In January of this year, David Barton told Glenn Beck's audience that part of the reason the National Rifle Association got started in 1871 was to help newly freed blacks defend themselves after the civil war. Watch Barton at 1:30 in this clip.In addition to Barton, Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, made a similar claim at a press conference in support of the NRA. Alford is the first speaker:Earlier this month, the fact … [Read more...]

David Barton Attempts to Cover His Historical Tracks; Changes Capitol Tour Video

In the ongoing controversy over David Barton's historical work, this is a significant development. First, let me present the components of the story.In 2007, David Barton led a tour of the Capitol on behalf of the Family Research Council where he made several key claims. He used these claims to make dubious assertions about the intent of the founding fathers. FRC edited the tour video into an eight minute promo and uploaded it to You Tube. That video had over 4 million views. To fully … [Read more...]

Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the Barton-Starbucks Fuss

Columnist Bud Kennedy serves up some thoughts on the controversy brewing between David Barton and Starbucks. Turns out Bud doesn't find much happening in the greater evangelical world, at least if the Southern Baptists are any guide.At the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting this week in Houston, the manager of the convention center Starbucks said lines have stayed long.As Kennedy points out, Baptists’ Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission president Russell Moore has discouraged bo … [Read more...]