David Barton Tells Some Stories in Montana

According to the Helena Independent Record, David Barton delivered some predictable stories to the Montana Governor's Prayer Breakfast earlier today.  Reporter Sanjay Talwani provides the high spots.The two hour prayer meeting and Ben Franklin's 14 verses (these wouldn't be the first politicians to use religion for political purposes) are typically stretched and devoid of the rest of story. In fact, according to Franklin, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention did not following … [Read more...]

Barton Controversy Comes to Montana Prayer Breakfast; Governor Declines to Attend

The David Barton controversy has come to Montana. According to the Missoula Independent:Former state legislator Scott Mendenhall sounds disappointed. On the morning of Feb. 26, he learned that Gov. Steve Bullock won't attend the annual Montana Governor's Prayer Breakfast.....At issue is the breakfast's keynote speaker, David Barton. Barton has garnered national headlines for his revisionist teachings, pro-life advocacy and calls to criminalize homosexuality, all of which would seem to … [Read more...]

David Barton, Kids, Guns, and Historical Fiction

Chris Rodda pointed out here  yesterday that David Barton acknowledged getting the story about kids in the old West defending their teacher at gun point from a would be teacher-killer from a Louis L'Amour novel.  In an article on the Wallbuilders website, Barton admits using the story because Louis L'Amour said the story was true.L'Amour introduced an audio version of his book Bendigo Shafter with a story about the West. During the introduction, L'Amour said this:There’s a case I use … [Read more...]

Barton controversy at Louisiana College

Just by being himself, David Barton is near the center of a controversy at Louisiana College. In an open letter to LC's trustees (posted at the blog of another LC former faculty member Rondall Reynoso), former faculty member Scott Culpepper explains his experience of bringing to light what he believed to be errors in the commencement speech.I don't pretend to know what's going on there and am not posting this to take sides. I post the link to demonstrate how another Christian faculty member … [Read more...]

World’s David Barton Coverage: What Will Evangelicals Do?

World Magazine has been shining extraordinary light on the David Barton controversy.  Friday, the evangelical publication printed a brief article by Gregg Frazer which contradicted Barton's contention that Jefferson was orthodox for most of his life and only questioned orthodoxy after 1813.Frazer's article is clear and convincing but that does not surprise me for two reasons. One, Gregg was right on this in his earlier writings and two, we covered similar ground and so much more in Getting … [Read more...]

David Barton Controversy: Gregg Frazer Weighs In on Jefferson and Christianity; Barton Responds

Gregg Frazer is a professor of history at the conservative Master's College in CA. His book Religious Beliefs of America's Founders provides a fine historical treatment of the founders and their religious views. Frazer coined the term "theistic rationalism" to describe the religious perspective of many of the founders. On Friday, World Magazine published a short response to David Barton on the subject of Thomas Jefferson's religious beliefs. It is an important contribution to the ongoing … [Read more...]

David Barton, Guns, and the Second Amendment

I recently purchased David Barton's book on the Second Amendment and had planned a mini-series on it. However, Chris Rodda beat me to it with several detailed posts on his book and other statements Barton has made recently.  This post just gives some examples and points you to her articles.First, regarding Barton's book on the Second Amendment, Rodda takes several citations from Barton's book and demonstrates how he edits them to suit his purposes. For instance in his book, Barton quotes the … [Read more...]

The Gnadenhutten Massacre Revisited: A Response to David Barton

In his recent World article regarding our challenge to The Jefferson Lies, David Barton rejects our criticism of his treatment of Indian policy under Thomas Jefferson. In The Jefferson Lies, Barton claims Jefferson demonstrated a persistent interest in getting the Gospel to the Indians. In our book, Getting Jefferson Right (lengthy excerpt at World - still the most read article on the site), we examine various historical events relating to that claim and find that Barton does not get the facts … [Read more...]