Monumental Question: Did Signers of the Declaration and Constitution Finance a Bible for Every American Family?

David Barton told Kirk Cameron they did for Cameron's new movie Monumental. Watch the video clip from the movie:For this post, I am interested in what Barton and Cameron say about the first Bible mentioned by Cameron and Barton dated 1798.Kirk Cameron: What are these?David Barton: This is a family Bible done in 1798.Barton: This Bible was funded by about a dozen signers of the Constitution and signers of the Declaration as well as by President John Adams and … [Read more...]

Was the Jefferson Bible just the words of Jesus? Part 2

In the mail Saturday, I received my copy of the Smithsonian edition of the Jefferson Bible. It is a marvelous reproduction of the original on display at the Smithsonian. Here is a picture of one of the pages which is photograph of the original manuscript:You can't see the words well but Jefferson cut out the portions of the New Testament he wanted to include in Greek, French, Latin and English. Verses are arranged so that the reader can see how they are translated in each language.I am … [Read more...]

Is the Jefferson Bible just the words of Jesus?

In his American Heritage series, David Barton  told Matthew and Laurie Crouch that the Jefferson Bible was Thomas Jefferson's attempt to construct a Bible to evangelize the Indians. He said that Jefferson put together the "red letters" or the words of Christ (often written in red in King James Bibles) for this Bible so he could get across the moral teachings of Jesus. Listen to Barton's claims in this video:Regarding Jefferson and his edited Bible, Barton said:I have to stop … [Read more...]

Did Thomas Jefferson found the Virginia Bible Society?

David Barton says he did. Watch this clip from the American Heritage series. Barton is speaking to Matthew and Laurie Crouch.About the Virginia Bible Society, Barton saysYou get back here and you find the Virginia Bible Society. Now what makes that one particularly interesting is Thomas Jefferson was one of the founders of the Virginia Bible Society. Oh no, not Jefferson! He's secular, he see Jefferson founded the Bible Society, he gave large contributions to get … [Read more...]

Did Thomas Jefferson give the Jefferson Bible to missionaries?

I can't find the original quote, but Craig Fehrman wrote in the LA Times yesterday that Daivd Barton said Jefferson gave his edited Bible to missionaries to evangelize Indians.Fehrman says that is a fabrication. I wonder if Barton will answer this charge.In any case, the LA Times article is worth a read.As I have written here, if Jefferson meant for his Bible to be an evangelism tool, then he was pushing a different Christianity than the orthodox version.Here is … [Read more...]

David Barton adds to history and the Bible at the same time

Today Right Wing Watch has a clip of David Barton claiming that the Founders based our republican form of government on Exodus 18:21. He added that some Founders actually referred to the Exodus passage as the basis for electing people to various office at the local, state and federal levels. Here is the clip:Barton claims that "God set out elections at the very beginning." He added that Israel was a monarchy later but before that "God established elections."However, that … [Read more...]

Top Ten Posts – 2011

To reflect on 2011, I have listed here the ten most popular posts in terms of visits this year. Two of the posts were written in prior years but were visited frequently this year. In addition to being popular, I think they are representative of the stories and issues which I wrote about this year.1. The Trail of Tears remembered2. Uganda update: Anti-Homosexuality Bill on tomorrow’s agenda3. Committee chair says Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill may not be considered4. What would d … [Read more...]

Thomas Jefferson, civil government and religion

David Barton will be coming out with a book called The Jefferson Lies next spring. I noted here that he is skilled at spreading them which will make the book entertaining at the least.As a service in the effort at offsetting lies about Thomas Jefferson, I thought it might be helpful to point Barton to a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper. The letter, written on February 10, 1814 sets out Jefferson's argument that British common law was not influenced by Christianity in any direct … [Read more...]