Scott Lively on Wallbuilders Live

You read that right. Scott Lively, author of The Pink Swastika, was on David Barton's radio show today complaining about me. If you want to listen, go to the August 21 show and click on the link.Barton, Green and Lively would love to make the controversy over The Jefferson Lies about me. Lively's presence on the show can only serve as an attempt to change the subject from Barton's work to something, anything else. Green and Lively doubled down on the accusation that Christian scholars are … [Read more...]

The Point on The Jefferson Lies: We don’t need to change the facts

John Stonestreet, speaking on The Point, a radio minute affiliated with The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, came out in a negative manner toward The Jefferson Lies last week.  Here is the brief segment:The facts are always important -- even when we don’t like them. For the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.A few weeks ago, David Barton of Wall Builders and frequent guest of the Glenn Beck Show, published a book call … [Read more...]

Jefferson and Slavery: A Response to David Barton on the Glenn Beck Show, Part Two

On Friday, we posted part one of our response to David Barton’s appearance on the Glenn Beck Show (8/16/12).  On that show, Barton defended his claim that Virginia law did not allow Thomas Jefferson to emancipate his slaves. In The Jefferson Lies, Barton does not cite the part of the 1782 Virginia law that allowed slave owners to emancipate their slaves. In his book, Barton does not mention that owners were allowed to free their slaves during the life of the owner and gives no explanation for wh … [Read more...]

Jefferson and Slavery: A Response to David Barton on the Glenn Beck Show, Part One

By Michael Coulter & Warren ThrockmortonOn Thursday August 16, Glenn Beck had David Barton on to "clear the air" about The Jefferson Lies. Our impression is that Mr. Beck is a very loyal friend and his loyalty is preventing him from objectively considering the evidence. A more objective approach would be to have had someone else on the show to counter Barton’s claims.  That did not happen even though there was some discussion of evidence.In any case, there are several clips of … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s Publishing Imprint to Take The Jefferson Lies

As expected, Glenn Beck will publish The Jefferson Lies after Barton sells the 17,000 copies he bought back from Thomas Nelson. Simon and Schuster is in partnership with Beck to distribute the book.  … [Read more...]

Correcting Scott Lively’s Conspiracy Theory

On the Bryan Fischer Show Tuesday, and then yesterday via Twitter, David Barton spoke favorably of Scott Lively’s article defending Barton, posted earlier this week. The chief aim of the article is to link my criticisms of Scott Lively’s book The Pink Swastika with our fact checking of claims made by David Barton about Thomas Jefferson in The Jefferson Lies.The mention of Lively comes at about 5 minutes into the clip I posted on Monday. Then today, Barton tweeted the article to his foll … [Read more...]

Institute for Religion and Democracy Laments David Barton’s “Unfortunate, Unnecessary Exaggerations”

In a column posted yesterday on Patheos and then today on the website of the Institute for Religion and Democracy, IRD President Mark Tooley laments David Barton's "unfortunate, unnecessary exaggerations."In this measured piece, Tooley runs through some of the usual suspects - Barton's exaggerations of Jefferson's involvement in the church at the Capitol, his misstep on Jefferson and slavery and Jefferson's heterodox religious faith.  I take Tooley's point to be that these and other … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze on Barton and His Critics

This article includes many quotes from me and responses to issues raised in David Barton's The Jefferson Lies.Open forum... … [Read more...]