David Barton Again Says His Christian Critics Were Recruited to Attack Him

David Barton recently gave a speech to the Arkansas Tea Party Alliance. At the end of his presentation, a person in the crowd asked him about the background of his book The Jefferson Lies. Specifically, the questioner wanted to know why it was pulled from publication. Barton then launched into his false victim narrative. Watch:Initially, he referred to Right Wing Watch who he said is funded by George Soros. After lamenting his Wikipedia page, he implied that someone (perhaps Soros in … [Read more...]

End Times Preacher Says Speaker Paul Ryan is a David Barton Fan

If that is true, then perhaps the end times are upon us.Right Wing Watch today summarized an article from Charisma News by Dan Cummins in which Cummins asserts that Speaker Paul Ryan is a fan of David Barton. Cummins believes the end times are coming and America is under judgment. It upsets me when I hear all the doom-and-gloom "prophetic words" about how Congress is nothing but a bunch of crooks. Most of these spiritual giant slayers have never stepped a foot into the Capitol or visited … [Read more...]

Finally Disclosed, David Barton’s List of Recommended Colleges

In 2013 when David Barton first launched his war on Christian colleges, he declared that he worked with and approved about a dozen Christian colleges. At the time, he didn't make a list of them. Messiah College history professor John Fea also speculated about the list but we couldn't come up with a dozen.Now we don't have to guess. Earlier this month, Barton listed them (a dozen!) on a new FAQ page and here they are: What colleges or universities does WallBuilders recommend? There are many … [Read more...]

David Barton: If You Don’t Vote for Trump You Will Have to Answer to God

Since the Bible doesn't reveal who we are to vote for, I am not worried about it. I think people who vote for Trump are wrong but I am not ready to speak for God on the subject. My conscience is clear.But never fear, David Barton knows what God thinks and he is dealing the fire and brimstone.Right Wing Watch has the audio.A questioner asks Barton how to explain to her anti-Trump friends that we can't have the perfect candidate. She says people are getting stuck on little things.  I … [Read more...]

David Barton Claims “Doctorate in Education”

Not the first time. Is this a severe case of "degree envy?"It appears to be a matter of great importance to Glenn Beck for David Barton to have an "actual doctorate."RWW's Kyle Mantyla reports that Glenn Beck and David Barton were talking on Beck's show and got into a conversation about Barton's doctorate. Watch:As Mantyla points out, Barton's education is spelled out on his website bio. David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oral Roberts University and an Honorary Doctorate … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas and David Barton: Show Me the Miracles

On Tuesday, I posted an audio clip of David Barton on Eric Metaxas' radio show talking about the two times when Thomas Jefferson cut up the Gospels to create an extraction of the morals of Jesus. During Jefferson's first term, he revealed his beliefs about Christianity to some of his closer friends and in the process decided to cut out of the Gospels portions which Jefferson believed were actually from Jesus, leaving the rest behind.On the program, Barton told Metaxas a made up story about … [Read more...]

David Barton Told Eric Metaxas an Untrue Story about the Jefferson Bible

Last week, Eric Metaxas had David Barton on his radio show and told the audience that he loved Barton and his work. He also said he used some of Barton's work to help write his new book If You Can Keep It. That book has been the subject of many critical reviews.They also briefly discussed Barton's pulled-from-publication book, The Jefferson Lies. In particular, Barton claimed to enlighten the audience about what is commonly known as the Jefferson Bible. Metaxas started to ask Barton a … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas: I Just Love David Barton and His Work

Maybe because it is so hard to believe after all of the 2012 events, I post this to reinforce what I posted yesterday.I just LOVE @DavidBartonWB & his work with https://t.co/ftgTyS4WpS! Here's our interview! https://t.co/2o02BsNnUT pic.twitter.com/3lhe2xyXzr — Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) July 23, 2016You remember 2012 right? American University prof and author Jay Richards recruited 10 Christian historians to read David Barton's book on Thomas Jefferson (The Jefferson Lies, the o … [Read more...]