Glenn Beck Says David Barton Has a PhD, Barton Says He Doesn’t

Right Wing Watch's Kyle Mantyla picked up on Glenn Beck's claim last week that David Barton had a PhD in Education.  Mantyla remembered that Barton once said he didn't have a PhD. Watch the video:So yes, Mr. Beck, Barton is a guy who thinks he knows history.In the clip above, Barton talks about a book in which he was involved where he claimed to debunk his fellow PhD authors on chaplains at the University of Virginia. Check out these posts (here and here) which school him ba … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Says David Barton Has a PhD in Education

It certainly appears that Beck meant his remarks to be taken seriously. Watch:The transcript of the interview is here with the relevant section below: GLENN: Bless you too. David Barton. President of Wall Builders. You know, we should call him Dr. Barton. You know, he has his PhD I think in history and education. Too many people just dismiss him as — as — you know, oh, just some guy who thinks he knows history. No, he has his doctorate in and he’s a brilliant, brilliant … [Read more...]

Daily Jefferson: June 26, 1822 Letter – Not a Young Man Now Living in the U.S. Who Will Not Die an Unitarian.

Later in his life, Thomas Jefferson became more candid about his religious beliefs in his correspondence. During the presidential years, Jefferson's view were similar to those expressed in this letter but he was reluctant to give his opponents material to use to criticize him. Thus, it was not uncommon for him to ask his friends not to publicly disclose his views. In this June 26, 1822 letter to Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse, Jefferson goes full Unitarian and leaves little doubt about his views. The … [Read more...]

Home Schoolers Anonymous Blog Asks For Stories of How David Barton Ruined Conservative Christianity

Here is the title of the post: David Barton Ruined Conservative Christianity for Me: A Call for Stories.A sample:By Shaney Lee, HARO Board Member Recently, a group of homeschool alumni were sharing stories of their “lightbulb moment”: a moment when we realized that we had been taught an agenda, rather than how to think for ourselves, and when we realized that the strains of conservative Christianity we had been raised with were grossly flawed. Some of us are still Christians and some are … [Read more...]

Daily Jefferson: In a June 25, 1819 Letter to Ezra Stiles Ely, Jefferson Says He is a Sect by Himself

On June 25, 1819, Thomas Jefferson wrote to Ezra Stiles Ely about his religious views. In the letter he famously said: I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know. The entire letter is below. Jefferson distinguishes himself from Calvinists and Jews and tells Ely that he believes in the moral teachings of Jesus.  In this and other letters, Jefferson expresses support for those moral teachings of Jesus as a reformer of Judaism, rather than a completer of it. For Jefferson, Jesus is not a messiah … [Read more...]

Daily Jefferson: June 24, 1826 Letter Declining Invitation to Celebrate 50th Year of Independence in Washington

In late June of 1826, Thomas Jefferson was in decline. He knew he was ill but continued to carry on correspondence until he died on July 4, 1826.Jefferson had been invited to attend a 50 year celebration in Washington DC by Roger Weightman and, despite his ill health, declined the invitation with a remarkable letter about the rights of mankind. Monticello June 24. 26Respected SirThe kind invitation I receive from you on the part of the citizens of the city of Washington, to be … [Read more...]

Daily Jefferson: On June 23, 1826, Jefferson Recorded Receipt of His Last Letter

Helen Duprey Bullock began the introduction to her compilation of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson as follows: ON June 23, 1826, Thomas Jefferson noted in his "Epistolary Record" the receipt of a letter from V. W. Southall. Jefferson kept meticulous records of his correspondence as well as copies of his letters. His work is a treasure of information about the mind of Jefferson and the era which produced America.As noted elsewhere, Jefferson died on July 4, 1826. Thus, his mind was active un … [Read more...]

Daily Jefferson: June 21, 1808 Letter From Thomas Jefferson to James Pemberton About Relations With Native Americans

David Barton sometimes tells his audiences that Thomas Jefferson edited the Gospels in order to give just the words of Christ to the Indians for their instruction. However, there are many words of Jesus which Jefferson did not include in his work. Another fact that makes Barton's claims even more of a fantasy is that Jefferson believed learning English and reading the Bible was the last thing Indians should do to become civilized. In this letter to James Pemberton, Jefferson gives a summary of … [Read more...]