David Barton and Wallbuilders Double Down on The Jefferson Lies Accusations

In his new edition of The Jefferson Lies, David Barton claimed that I recruited Jay Richards to find Christian historians who would engage in a campaign against him. That charge is still false.I denied the charge in a post here and in a review on The Jefferson Lies Amazon page.Today someone at Barton's organization, Wallbuilders, replied to my review with an accusation that I told one story in the review and another story to some undisclosed persons. See below: I then … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz’s Liabilities in the General Election

What plays well in IA might not work nationally. This concern is the subject of a Houston Chronicle article out over the weekend. Cruz's endorsers, including Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, have appeal to the far right side of the GOP but have taken controversial positions which will likely alienate independents and moderates. Recently, stridently anti-gay voices Matt Barber and Linda Harvey have endorsed Cruz. Phil Robertson has had his own problems with controversial statements about gays … [Read more...]

David Barton Removes Claim About Chaplains at the University of Virginia in New Edition of The Jefferson Lies

In the 2012 edition of The Jefferson Lies, David Barton claimed to debunk the notion that the University of Virginia (founded by Jefferson) had no chaplains. He took up this as one of his major points as evidence that Jefferson established UVA as a "transdenominational" college. See below from the first edition of The Jefferson Lies: 4. Did the University of Virginia Have Chaplains?The modern claim that the University of Virginia had no chaplains is also easily disproved by original … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About David Barton’s New Edition of The Jefferson Lies (Press Release)

What You Need to Know About David Barton's New Edition of The Jefferson LiesContact Warren Throckmorton, warrenthrockmorton@gmail.comGROVE CITY, Penn., Jan. 13, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Yesterday was the official release date of the second edition of "The Jefferson Lies" by Ted Cruz's Super PAC coordinator David Barton. Published by World Net Daily, the second edition promises to answer Barton's critics and restore Jefferson's reputation.However, there is much World Net Daily … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck: “Liberal Bastards” Had David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies Pulled from Shelves

Even though the book has been available on Amazon for over two weeks, yesterday was the official release of the second edition of The Jefferson Lies by David Barton. To promote the book, Glenn Beck was in typical hyperbolic mode throughout the day on his network. I caught some of the radio segment and watched Barton's appearance on Beck's afternoon television show. Prior to Barton's television appearance, Beck introduced the segment by trashing me as a leftist psychology professor.Earlier on … [Read more...]

David Barton, John Locke’s Two Treatises, and the Real Reason Thomas Nelson Pulled the Jefferson Lies

This post is inside baseball for those who are keeping up with the controversy surrounding David Barton's history writing.One of David Barton's frequent claims is that John Locke referred to the Bible 1500 times in his Two Treatise on Government. He said this to a Ukrainian audience and claimed it again in his new edition of The Jefferson Lies. From the new edition: And in his Two Treatises of Government (1689 – a work about the proper role of government that was openly praised by Jefferson … [Read more...]

Upon Hearing of David Barton’s New Television Venture…

Twitter said:@JohnFea1 Oh boy! Michele Bachmann! Now we'll finally be learning something!— John Haas (@haas1235) January 9, 2016@AndrewLSeidel @JohnFea1 As if @wthrockmorton didn't have enough to do already! Is Barton's show on the Sci-fi channel?— Rob Major (@RobMajor4) January 9, 2016@JohnFea1 "Noted historian David Barton." Yes, noted for having a book recalled by the publisher because it was filled with fabrications.— Kevin M. Kruse … [Read more...]

Dear Fred Clark: Thanks But I Think John Fea and I Are in Good Shape

Fellow Patheos blogger Fred Clark (Slacktivist) is worried for Messiah College prof John Fea and me. He says: But I’m worried for both of them. Specifically, I’m worried because this is an election year and that means that the ever-shifting goalposts of the white evangelical tribal gatekeepers may well shift between now and November. Depending on the outcome of the upcoming Republican presidential primary races, the bounds of theological acceptability could shift in such a way that both of thes … [Read more...]