Christian Leader Finds Exact Words of the Bible in the Constitution

Beebe, AR -- Saying he thinks his discovery will settle the Christian nation debate, Rev. Cyrus Jones revealed in a press release that he has found the words of the Bible in the United States Constitution. Pastor of the Patriot Baptist Church, Jones said he was skeptical at first but was encouraged to seek the truth by listening to historical document collector, David Barton."Barton has 100,000 pre-1812 documents in his library. Because of that, I figure he knows something about old words," … [Read more...]

Post Ted Cruz, Is It Time for Glenn Beck to Reconsider David Barton?

On his show today, conservative pundit Glenn Beck became irate with Ted Cruz over Cruz's endorsement of Donald Trump. Right Wing Watch gets the hat tip and has some clips. Watch:It is must watch TV. Beck nailed Cruz on his endorsement and demanded to know what new information Cruz had which allowed him to endorse Trump. Cruz had none (in fact, Cruz allowed Trump to use his mailing list before the endorsement) In the second video, Beck rails against Cruz and the two parties.If … [Read more...]

David Barton Used a Secondary Source for His PhD Video (Video with Pop Ups)

On September 7, religious right history writer and Christian nation advocate David Barton posted a video on his You Tube and Facebook accounts claiming to have an "earned doctorate." The very next day he removed the video, perhaps in light of the revelation that the degree may have come from unaccredited Life Christian University. LCU is on record as giving what it calls "earned doctorates" to famous people who never attended the school.Since he removed the video, Barton has not commented or … [Read more...]

The Mistake Made by People Who Thought David Barton Did Not Have a PhD

Apparently, the big mistake was listening to David Barton.In 2011, 2012 and 2015 (at least), David Barton is recorded saying he had no PhD. Watch:Then in 2015, he told the same story (start watching at 17:47):Call me crazy but I am sure he said he didn't have a PhD.It has only been this year that I can find any video references to having a PhD.The above reference is vague but he seems to say in August that he does have a PhD in Education.Then last week … [Read more...]

Sometimes David Barton’s Website is a Good Answer to David Barton

Yesterday, GOP activist David Barton delivered a speech to the Dallas Eagle Forum.  In it, he said that Christian have a responsibility to vote for Donald Trump (see the Right Wing Watch segment).  Barton is now downplaying Trump's failings by saying the character of the leaders is not important, the person's policies are what is important. Watch this video on that point. He says, "Righteousness is the public policies you have" as opposed to the leaders who may or may not be righteous.This is … [Read more...]

What Happens When You Claim an Earned PhD but Don’t Have One?

The same fellow who hosted at least one U.S. Senator and two U.S. Representatives at his pastors' briefing Monday and Tuesday has gone silent about his "earned PhD." David Barton, viewed by many on the Christian right as a competent historian, came out on September 7 with a video scolding progressives for questioning the claim that Barton has an earned PhD. On the video, he didn't identify the school where he received the doctor's degree. From the video, it appears to be Life Christian … [Read more...]

Florida’s Commission for Independent Education Should Reconsider Life Christian University’s Exemption from Licensure

As a religious school in Florida, Life Christian University is not required to obtain a license from the FL Commission on Independent Education if the school adheres to five requirements. Each year, exempt schools must file a sworn affidavit to the Commission and if accepted, the Commission will issue an exemption letter. According to the Commission website, LCU has received a letter of exemption.Having reviewed the state requirements and LCU's website and materials, I am of the opinion that … [Read more...]

Life Christian University’s Distinguished Degree Holders Did Not Attend the School

Last week, self-styled Christian nation historian and and Donald Trump supporter David Barton crowed that he possessed an earned PhD. In a video posted to his YouTube account, Barton chastised "progressives" for saying he did not have a PhD.  In the video, Barton told viewers that he had an earned PhD but did not say where he got it. In the background, three diplomas were displayed but one of them was partially hidden behind honorary degrees from Ecclesia College and Pensacola Christian College. … [Read more...]