American Clubs Bring Neo-Confederate Institute on the Constitution to Public Schools; Liberty Counsel to Assist


The neo-Confederate Institute on the Constitution wants to come to a school near you. The IOTC is actively pushing "American Clubs" with materials on their website designed to help students get a club started. Late last year, IOTC was featured at an American Club meeting at Spanish River High School in FL. In the photo to the left, IOTC founder and former board member of the white separatist group the League of the South Michael Peroutka speaks to high school students at Spanish River about … [Read more...]

Neo-Confederate Radio Show to Host Ohio Representative of Institute on the Constitution

Continuing a troubling link between the Maryland based Institute on the Constitution and neo-Confederate leaders, Ohio IOTC teacher and representative Nicki Pepin is slated to appear on Sonny Thomas' radio show. The show will air on April 24. On STS 4.24 @ 9pm - Ricki Pepin of Institute On The Constitution -— Sonny Thomas Show (@SonnyThomasShow) April 8, 2014 — Sonny Thomas Show (@SonnyThomasShow) April 8, 2014 Thomas has been a … [Read more...]

Weekend Roundup: White Power Demo In TN, Transgender Prof Transitions From Christian College, IOTC At Liberty U., Senate Takes Lead In Shutdown Talks

  Local public radio appropriately calls the League of the South rally in TN, a "white power demonstration." Azuza Pacific theology prof, H. Adam Ackley leaves the school via a mutual statement.  Ackley is transitioning from female to male. John Lofton of the Institute on the Constitution presents the theocratic God and Government Project at Liberty University. Looks like the adults have gotten involved in the Shutnado standoff. Maybe the Senate and the President can keep us from going … [Read more...]

Institute on the Constitution, God and Government, and Christian Reconstructionism

Yesterday, the Institute on the Constitution dropped a press release about their God and Government program. From the Christian Newswire release: The "Institute on the Constitution" has launched "The God And Government Project" the purpose of which is to remind elected officials, and those who seek civil government offices, that government is from God and their first duty must be to obey God and His Word (Romans 13.) The folks at IOTC want citizens to use open mic time before city council … [Read more...]

Rick Joyner Doubles Down On Prediction That America Is Headed For Martial Law

In a "prophetic bulletin" out today, Oak Initiative president Rick Joyner again declares that martial law is coming to America. During a September 30 broadcast on his website, Joyner declared that "our only hope is a military takeover, martial law and that the crucial, most crucial element of that is who the marshal is going to be." Referring to that prediction, Joyner writes today: What I did say, and am saying, is that democracy in America is failing, and we are headed for martial law. I … [Read more...]

Rick Joyner: The Only Hope For America Is A Military Takeover

Right Wing Watch posted a video clip of Rick Joyner telling his audience that the only hope for America is a takeover of the government by the military.  Watch the clip: This clip is taken from his 20 minute sermon titled, "Has Democracy Failed." Curious about the context of this clip, I watched the entire talk and found that the context, while at times confusing, is consistent with the plain meaning of his words. I can't embed it here but for those who want to see fear mongering done … [Read more...]

Does the Church Have a League of the South Problem?

When the Washington Free Beacon revealed that an important member of Sen. Rand Paul's staff, Jack Hunter (aka "The Southern Avenger"), had at one time been a member of the League of the South, pressure came quickly for Paul and Hunter to distance themselves from the League's neo-Confederate views.  Eventually, Hunter resigned from Paul's staff. Pundits on the left and right questioned Paul's judgment and views on race. Paul has been on the defensive and if he chooses to run for president, he … [Read more...]

League of the South Members Behind the Constitution Course Allowed by Ohio School District

Yesterday, I wrote about a summer course on the Constitution offered by the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) and advertised to the public by the Springboro School District. According to media reports, the school district plans to evaluate the course for possible inclusion in their schools. See yesterday's post for a flyer describing the course. The Institute on the Constitution was founded and is directed by Michael Peroutka. Peroutka was the 2004 presidential candidate for the … [Read more...]

Springboro School District to Allow Course in Constitution Featuring David Barton

Speaking of David Barton and the Constitution, I learned yesterday that the Springboro School District plans to offer a summer course on the Constitution taught in part by Barton via video. Here is the brochure advertising the course: John Eidsmoe was Michelle Bachmann's mentor* at Oral Roberts University and Ricki Pepin runs something called the Institute on the Constitution. Pepin's website leaves no doubt about the type of course being offered.  She says she provides "educational … [Read more...]

Paul-Cruz 2016 – Have the Kingmakers Decided?

Surely, nothing is certain, but this meet up probably offers a sign about what the kingmakers are thinking. The Iowa Renewal Project Cordially invites you to participate in its Pastors' Policy Briefing Rediscovering God in America With Special Guests Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz and Historian David Barton and Former Congressman Bob McEwen Who will be accompanied by Dr. Ken Canfield Pastor Ken Graves Gail McWilliams Mat Staver, Founder & Chairman of Liberty … [Read more...]