Edge Boston on ex-gays

The gay publication, Edge Boston, is in the midst of a 4 part series on ex-gays and religion. Today's article recounts both ex-gay and ex-ex-gay narratives. The series covers some familiar ground but goes into depth with interviews of some people who also comment here.UPDATE: 7/20/07 -- The article originally stated that Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper were the founders of Exodus. Michael Bussee wrote to David Foucher at Edge to inform him of the complexity of the matter (multiple founders). … [Read more...]

Queersighted: Imprison conversion therapists

AOL's GLBT community blog Queersighted has an article by Richard Rothstein this morning that marks tomorrow's first meeting of the APA Sexual Orientation Task as an important date in gay history. Why? Because he hopes the task force will suggest to the APA that all reparative/conversion therapy should be banned. And what if the APA bans reparative therapy (never defined in this piece)? Well, round up the posse, boys, Mr. Rothstein has the answer:If the APA does in fact ban reparative or … [Read more...]

Ex-ex-gays make public statements

This has been widely reported by now but the AP has a story making the rounds that report statements by Michael Bussee, Jeremy Marks, and Darlene Bogle lamenting their work in ex-gay ministries. Actually, this is old news as Michael has been ex-ex for a long time, Darlene since 1990 and Jeremy since 2000. What made it irresistable to the AP, I suspect, was the tension between the ex-ex-gay conference and the Exodus conference occuring this week.By now, the dinner is over I suppose. I wonder … [Read more...]

Paula Zahn to examine "changing attitudes and lifestyles"

Wednesday June 27, at 8pm (est), Paula Zahn will examine changes in attitudes among people doing sexual identity therapy and ministry. I was interviewed for this segment as was Alan Chambers. Not sure what the exact focus will be. But the Zahn website has this brief description:Wednesday's showBoys who want to be girls... women who want to be men.. and gays who want to be straight! Uncovering changing attitudes and changing lifestyles, this Wednesday on "Paula Zahn NOW," 8 p.m. ET. … [Read more...]

Exodus Conference: Open Forum

Today begins the Exodus Conference in Irvine, CA. I have attended the last two meetings but cannot attend this year. Anyone who is there and would like to offer comments or observations are welcome to chime in. Let us know what's happening this year... … [Read more...]

Guess who's coming to dinner?

The organizers of the Ex-gay Survivors Conference have invited Exodus conference participants to a dinner on June 29, 2007 in Irvine, CA. The invitation does not say who is coming or who will speak. I would want to know this in advance if it were me. The invitation provides an email address for RSVP which I suppose could be used to ask questions. It seems to me just sitting down together would be an accomplishment, without the speeches. Having both sides offer comments might be something worth … [Read more...]

OneNewsNow reports on conflict over descriptions of change

Jim Brown of OneNewNow reports an interview with Alan Chambers regarding the LA Times article on Monday and Stephen Bennett's critical reaction.Chambers tells OneNewsNow he has never met someone who had a "sudden or complete change when it came to homosexuality." He says he believes that God gives people the ability to overcome on a daily basis, rather than "a complete transformation in an instant." … [Read more...]

Stephen Bennett declares "public divide" with Exodus

Stephen Bennett weighs in on the recent LA Times article and CNN appearance of Alan Chambers.Stephen takes issue with suggestions from Al Mohler and others that biological factors may be involved in homosexuality:There is ZERO biological, scientific "evidence" for homosexuality to this date. The biblical evidence for homosexuality is very clear: it's sin.Ominously, he declares:"What we see here is the public divide of the pro-family movement."Well, since he brought it up...I … [Read more...]