Michael Brown responds to the Southern Poverty Law Center article on ex-gays

I posted yesterday about a Southern Poverty Law Center article, titled Straight Like Me, by Casey Sanchez, which blasted the ex-gay movement. In my post, I note several inaccurate reports. In this post, I provide a brief email interview with Michael Brown, president of the FIRE School of Ministry, who was named in a companion piece, Former Ex-gay Minister Speaks Out. I emailed Dr. Brown with some questions about these statements and he was very kind to respond quickly.  Throckmorton: In a rece … [Read more...]

Southern Poverty Law Center article on ex-gay movement: Were the facts straight?

The Intelligence Report, a publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center has two articles regarding sexual identity issues in the Winter, 2007 issue. The first one, Straight Like Me, by Casey Sanchez reads like an expose’ of the ex-gay movement as a political ploy of the Christian right designed to undermine gay rights. He covers much ground familiar to readers of this blog. For instance the picture leading the article is a screen capture of Richard Cohen holding his client, Rob, on CNN with D … [Read more...]

APA declines to meet with religious coalition

I will have more to say about this in due time, however, while it is current, I wanted to post this Citizen link article regarding the APA sexual orientation task force.In a nutshell, the APA solicited opinion from gay advocacy groups in regard to the sexual orientation task force mandate but thus far has declined to meet with a large religious coalition which asked for a meeting regarding that mandate. The letters to the APA are linked in this report.For the record, Clinton Anderson … [Read more...]

From meddling to preaching; two important articles on shifts in Evangelicalism

David Kirkpatrick has a lengthy analysis of shifts in evangelicalism in yesterday's New York Times. Called "The Evangelical Crackup," the article describes what appears to be a shift in evangelicalism away from political activism.And then the Rocky Mountain News describes a similar shift underway at Focus on the Family with the advent of Jim Daly as head of the organization. … [Read more...]

ABC's 20/20 to feature Love Won Out

Citizen Link is reporting that tomorrow night's 20/20 will air a segment about Focus on the Family's Love Won Out. Filmed in Omaha, the theme will be difficult choices. I will be curious about what themes are sounded by the staff. Past LWO programs have focused on reparative theories of causation and change. I wonder what the emphasis is now in the program and how the 20/20 folks will frame it all. 20/20 runs from 9pm to 11pm est.Lord willing, I'll be watching.UPDATE: 9/21/07 - Well, it … [Read more...]

Focus on the Family helps AIDS fund raiser

Focus on the Family helps AIDS Fund Raiser. I commend Focus for this effort. Read the article here... … [Read more...]