Spread the Light – Sparrow Cartoons

Recently, I discovered Mark Frontczak and Sparrow Cartoons. A long time cartoonist, Mark draws mostly biblical themes with some limited social commentary. I especially like this one:Lighting up the place is what I hope to do here. Go over to Sparrow Cartoons to check out Mark's work. … [Read more...]

Views from the Top of PNC Park

Getting Jefferson Right co-author Michael Coulter and I went down to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates play the San Diego Padres a couple of nights ago. We should have known there would be a (100 minute or so) rain delay from this sky:We were on the very top row which turned out to be an amazing view of Pittsburgh. Here's one more:PNC Park is a beautiful place to watch a game. In case you were wondering the Pirates won and swept the Padres at home for the first time in over a decade. … [Read more...]

David Barton and His Snide University Knockers

A comment by Patrocles reminded me of this video posted by Chris Rodda:The West Indies: A Nation of Cricketers.Snide University? Or wherever it is you went. … [Read more...]

Monty Python’s Election Night Special

I'm just getting a loud buzzing noise in my left ear...The loud buzzing noise should improve after Tuesday night. … [Read more...]

Tim Hawkins on Bad Candy

Halloween is just around the corner and images of gluten free candy bars are dancing in my head. Not all candy is good however, and Tim Hawkins brings back some not so pleasant childhood memories... … [Read more...]

Ike gets a touchdown

I. Love. This. … [Read more...]

You didn’t win?

This one was gone for awhile. I am glad it is back because it is fierce. … [Read more...]

Help a sister out, part two: The deadline approacheth

Update: Thanks for helping the sis. Team Grove City pulled out the victory in the last couple of hours.That would be midnight. Here is the entry for my girl child's high school video production class. Play it and rate it awesome and they might get the spot on television during the Super [Commercial] Bowl.Thanks!!!! … [Read more...]