Gateway Tightens Belt More, Discloses Large Debt to Staff

Staff at Gateway Church are being asked to tighten their budgets even more as the church is working to reduce $55-million in debt.According to sources in the Gateway Church Ministry Staff meeting earlier this week, pastor Todd Lane said that budgets would be cut by 10%.The church had earlier disclosed significant staff cuts. Of late, sources within the church have said that additional cuts have gone as high as 50% of staff in some departments.On the up side, pastor Tom Lane showed … [Read more...]

Professional? Wealthy? You Are Gateway Church’s Bullseye!

 If you are wealthy professional, Gateway Church in Southlake, TX wants you.According to Associate Senior Pastor Bobby Bogard, Gateway has been given a "grace lane" by God to consider rich professionals as the bullseye for their recruitment efforts. Bogard told this to a group of pastors in January 2017 at the Linked International Network of Churches Equip Conference. Watch:Transcript: Gateway Church will be 17 years old this Easter.  We’re a spirit filled Charismatic ch … [Read more...]

Gateway Church Internally Addresses Changes in Staffing

From multiple sources inside Gateway Church, I have learned that one of the topics of the monthly staff chapel several days ago was the recent layoffs at Gateway. In the meeting, a leader said the layoffs were a healthy "pruning." Although I am aware that some of the support staff have experienced reductions in compensation (some went from being paid to volunteers), the staff were told that no pay cuts were planned.Regarding news concerning the church, the leader told the staff that they … [Read more...]

Gateway Church Courts Top Level Business Leaders via Exclusive Program

As the church is cutting staffs and salaries, Gateway Church leaders are offering an exclusive program for chief-level executives. Gateway Business Leaders describes itself as The Gateway Business Leaders Program is a comprehensive program designed to help you accomplish God’s calling and destiny on your life. We have identified numerous topics that we believe will help you achieve Biblical success in your business, personal and spiritual life. We have organized the GBL Program by levels based o … [Read more...]

Gateway Church Cuts Pay Between 15-20%

I reported in mid-April that the fourth largest church in America -- Gateway Church -- planned to layoff one-third of the church staff amid extravagant spending for political purposes.  Now I have learned that, Gateway informed staff yesterday that their pay would be reduced by as much as 20%.A source had informed me that expenses were slated to be cut but did not expressly mention salaries. Now, another source tells me that the staff were informed yesterday that pay was being cut. There is … [Read more...]

Texas Governor Tries to Mobilize Churches in Favor of LGBT Discrimination (UPDATED with Video of John Hagee)

On Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott contacted ten megachurch pastors about Texas HB 2899. Abbott told the pastors the bill was being held up by the Speaker of the House and asked the pastors to persuade their congregations to oppose it. Robert Morris, pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, called HB 2899 "the bathroom bill" and urged Christian church goers to voice their opposition to their representatives. Watch Morris urge his congregation to call their legislators.Transcript: Also I … [Read more...]

Perception Versus Reality at Gateway Church

As first reported here, Gateway Church is going through a large and significant downsizing of staff, expenses and programs.  This is happening after a year of lavish spending on political activities. Although there is no mass uprising yet as was seen at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, some members and remaining staff are beginning to question the stewardship of the existing leadership.The following video was made by a Gateway Church member who would like to see less lavish spending on … [Read more...]

Robert Morris: Gateway Church is Doing Well and So We Are Reducing Staff

On April 18, I reported that fourth largest American church Gateway Church in Southlake TX was in the process of laying off about one-third of church staff. Two days later a church spokesman said the layoffs would reduce staff by 10-15%.  Today, Robert Morris told his congregation that the reduction would be "15 to 20%." Watch:Transcript: One thing I want to tell you, one other thing. Uh, this is really true. There's one other thing. Before I, uh, start the message, is I want to let you … [Read more...]