Christ is Risen – Matt Maher

Happy Easter! … [Read more...]

Public Service Announcement: Post-Christmas Stress Disorder (PCSD)

Going back to 2005, I have been warning blog readers about the scourge of Post-Christmas Stress Disorder. Sadly, this malady did not make it into the latest edition of the psychiatric manual, DSM-V. I am convinced that the omission of PCSD is one of the significant weaknesses of the new edition. PCSD resembles Pre-Christmas Stress Disorder and some people just have Christmas Stress Disorder. In most cases, PCSD spontaneously remits but in severe cases, intervention is warranted. Through research … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas 2013

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O Come All Ye Faithful: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Sounds of the season with some amazing guitar work. Hope your Christmas is blessed. … [Read more...]

O Holy Night – Macrohart


  Pretty sweet and, shall we say, energetic version of O Holy Night from the Indie band Macrohart.Click the link and listen to an O Holy Night like you've never heard before.    Listen on Soundcloud: … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2013: Thank You – 33 Miles

What they said.I am very thankful to be celebrating my second Thanksgiving since my heart attack and surgery.Best wishes to all for a thankful day. … [Read more...]

Happy Independence Day – 2011

Over at Crosswalk, I posted the full text of the Declaration of Independence. Yesterday, my rising 5th grader and I read and discussed it, and I asked him if he had read it before in school. He said -- to my and the school's shame -- he didn't remember ever reading it before.David Barton says that the schools today teach that the American Revolution was only about "taxation without representation." I don't know if that is true, but he says that the Declaration was about much more than that, c … [Read more...]

Switchfoot – Dare You to Move

It is a good Friday indeed. … [Read more...]