Martin Luther King Day, 2011

Martin Luther King, August 28, 1963. … [Read more...]

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Victoria Rigel plays two recorders at one time to achieve a beautiful rendition of this Christmas hymn. Yours truly provided the guitar accompaniment.. . If you cannot play this app then click here to hear the song... … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

I don't know what a Trek class is but these folks look like they are having a good time. Mainly I like the song, Thank You by 33 Miles.Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. … [Read more...]

I will rise – Chris Tomlin

Happy Easter - He is risen! … [Read more...]

good friday to you

the one thing that i know... … [Read more...]

Fool in the Rain – Led Zeppelin

Happy April Fools Day! … [Read more...]

Milk-a-what? My fav Super Bowl commercials

#1#2And the one that hooked me... … [Read more...]

Public Service Announcement: Post-Christmas Stress Disorder (PCSD)

Now that Christmas is past, I suspect symptoms of Post-Christmas Stress Disorder will be observed frequently (don’t ask what frequently means, just go with me here). Be sure to seek treatment at the first signs of trouble.Diagnostic Criteria for 311.5x Post-Christmas Stress DisorderA. Four (or more) of the following symptoms have been present during the same two-week period and represent a change from previous functioning. The individual:(1) refuses to take down Christmas decorations … [Read more...]