Institute on the Constitution Misrepresents Study of Founding Era

The following information comes from session two of the Institute on the Constitution's course which is this week completing a 12-week run on the NRB network. Because I was unable to secure permission to show video clips of the course, I was reluctant at the time to discuss the errors in the presentation. However, this misrepresentation of a study by Lutz and Hyneman is worth pointing out. In his effort to prove that the framers of the Constitution deliberately set out to base the Constitution … [Read more...]

League Of The South President Michael Hill Defines Southern People As White

In case there is any doubt about what the League of the South is about, one should listen to Michael Hill on the aptly named white nationalist radio show, The Political Cesspool.The show, hosted by James Edwards, aired on the 15th of this month. The focus of the first half of the show was on the League's anti-immigration rallies (aka "Southern demographic displacement") in GA and the upcoming one in TN. Then at 10:31, Edwards asked Hill for a general description of the mission of the … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Area Pastors Call On NRB To Sever Connection To League Of The South Board Member

Some Cincinnati area ministers are calling on the National Religious Broadcasters' Network to drop ties to the Institute on the Constitution & League of the South. The group is troubled by Institute on the Constitution teacher Michael Peroutka's course on the Constitution which has been shown on the NRB Network weekly since July. They point out Peroutka's long time membership in the League and the fact that he is a newly elected board member of the organization. The Institute was behind the c … [Read more...]

Institute On The Constitution Page Available

I have posted all of my blog articles about the Institute on the Constitution on a page for easy reference. Click the link below.Institute on the ConstitutionTonight is session 11 at 8pm on the NRB Network. … [Read more...]

Dayton Ohio DAR To Host Institute On The Constitution Course

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Dayton, OH branch of the Daughters of the American Revolution will begin the Institute on the Constitution course tonight. In the article, this blog is cited and I am quoted.According to DAR representatives, they were unaware of the links of the IOTC to the League of the South. However, this information did not sway their support for the course. Unfortunate, because they will be getting a skewed and sometimes inaccurate view of … [Read more...]

Institute on the Constitution: Notes on Session 10 – War Between the States and Women’s Suffrage Dilutes the Franchise

I have been watching the Institute on the Constitution course on the National Religious Broadcasters network on Thursday nights. Last night was session 10 and covered amendments 11 through 27.  I have raised numerous issues with the course over the first nine sessions, and session 10 only added to my negative reaction.At this point, I am just going to supply some observations about the course from memory. I may do a more detailed follow up next week.Discussing the 13th Amendment, … [Read more...]

Michael Peroutka’s Martin Luther King Remix

On Tuesday's Steve Deace Show, League of the South board member Michael Peroutka said that Martin Luther King did not call for civil rights in the 1963 "I Have A Dream" speech. During hour one at 28:46, Peroutka said about King:He was claiming rights for people that were promised in the Declaration of Independence but never in that speech did he actually call for civil rights. He was a champion, I believe, of God-given rights, what has been perverted and now called civil rights, he didn't call … [Read more...]

Institute on the Constitution Uses Fake George Washington Quote on Second Amendment

Yesterday, I noted concerns about the teaching of the Institute on the Constitution on the National Religious Broadcasters network. Last night, the problems continued during Michael Peroutka's teaching on amendments two through ten. To bolster his interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, Peroutka cited four founders on guns. One of them is a citation either fabricated or falsely attributed to George Washington, two of them were not cited in proper context, and one was cited properly.Exhibit A in … [Read more...]