Mark Driscoll Launches New Official Website

Looking just like the Mars Hill Church website, Mark Driscoll has launched in Texas, the bio begins: Pastor Mark Driscoll is a Jesus-following, mission-leading, church-serving, people-loving, Bible-preaching pastor. In 2010, Preaching magazine named him one of the 25 most influential pastors of the past 25 years. He’s grateful to be a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody.Pastor Mark is the author of many books, has written for CNN, Fox News, and T … [Read more...]

Mediation Sought by Former Mars Hill Church Members and Donors

This just in...For IMMEDIATE Release Mediation Sought by Former Mars Hill Church Members and Donors SEATTLE, Dec. 22, 2014 A group of former Mars Hill Church members and donors are pursuing mediation with Mars Hill Church to accomplish a number of goals: full financial transparency, an acknowledgment of and some form of restitution for those harmed by Mars Hill, the release of the Board of Elders investigative report of the charges against the former Mars Hill pastor, Mark Driscoll, and an … [Read more...]

Former Elder Jon Krombein Issues Public Challenge to Current Mars Hill Pastors To Release Information

Former Mars Hill Elder Jon Krombein today released a public statement on his Facebook page:Attention: Dave Bruskas, David Fairchild, Ed Choi, Tim Smith, Ryan Williams, Matthias Heusel, Aaron Gray, Bubba Jennings, AJ Hamilton, Matt Rogers, Jason Skelton, Scott Harris, and Seth Winterhalter You all know more than you are saying about Mark Driscoll's fitness for eldership, and the way that Mars Hill "cooked the books" with Result Source, MH Global, and Executive Elder pay. These things will n … [Read more...]

Vision Nationals: Another Part of Mars Hill Global Which May Lose Funding

Last week, I posted an update on Mars Hill Church's Ethiopian connection, New Covenant Foundation. Even though Mars Hill Church raised millions by featuring their work, church leaders still have not pledged to give some of the seed money from the church dissolution to these pastors.The other main international outreach was in India via Vision Nationals. Arjuna Chiguluri is the director of the mission and responded to my request for clarification of the current situation at Mars Hill. Let me … [Read more...]

Luke Norsworthy’s Interview With Me: Lessons From Mars Hill Church

Just posted today is Luke Norsworthy's podcast interview with me on Lessons from Mars Hill Church.References in the podcast: Fundamental attribution error and Tears for Fears. … [Read more...]

Frustrated About the Mars Hill Global Fund? Help Ethiopian Pastors Directly Through New Covenant Foundation

Yesterday, Mars Hill Church posted a request for members to give money through the end of the year. The request raised the possibility that the eleven independent churches might not get off the ground if members didn't keep giving to Mars Hill. Without generous people like you continuing to give through the end of the year, many of these churches may not have the necessary funds to continue as new churches. As I said yesterday, I don't understand this threat. If the churches are so fragile … [Read more...]

Only Two Weeks Until the End, Mars Hill Church Still Wants Donations

Even though Mars Hill Church dissolves at the end of the year, someone in charge of the website is still seeking donations. It isn't clear just who is making decisions. Is it Dave Bruskas? He is telling Albuquerque that the new church will be marked by transparency. However, since nobody signed this communication, it is not clear who is asking for money.The initial paragraph doesn't seem reasonable. No explanation is given for why giving to Mars Hill and having that donation split eleven … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Executive Elder Dave Bruskas on the Future of Mars Hill Albuquerque, Bible Teaching and Communication

This is the next several minutes of Dave Bruskas' talk to the members' meeting at Mars Hill Albuquerque (soon to be North Church). In this clip, Bruskas reminisces about opening the church building as a Mars Hill replant, and then describes his hope for the church going forward.In doing so, he makes some hard-to-miss references to problems at Mars Hill. First he says one sermon per week and a discussion of that sermon (I assume he meant in community groups) isn't enough. I always thought … [Read more...]