New Website Keeps Mars Hill Information Alive

Mars Hill Was is a website with lots of links to Mars Hill content that the site owner doesn't want to see lost.There is a timeline, archived sermons, and a wealth of other information which should prove quite helpful to anyone who wants to research the church. While Wenatchee the Hatchet is probably still more comprehensive, the Mars Hill Was site provides a lot of information at a glance.This is a work in progress so if you have anything of interest, contact the owner. … [Read more...]

Source: Mars Hill Bellevue Negotiating to Hire Preaching Pastor

A current Mars Hill pastor informed me that Bellevue Church (Mars Hill Bellevue) has been in intense negotiations with an individual to become preaching pastor of the church. These talks were taking place yesterday. Initially, the elders there (led by Matt Rogers) offered the job to current executive elder Dave Bruskas. Bruskas may do some preaching at Bellevue in the next few weeks, but his future is in Albuquerque where he has taken the same position at his old church.While it may be a … [Read more...]

Update on the Status of the Mars Hill Locations

On the Mars Hill website, an update has been posted about the direction of each of the locations. Where appropriate, I will interrupt the narrative to add any information I have on the location.Mars Hill, As Mars Hill Church closes its doors at the end of the year, and each of the churches plan for what the new year will bring, your local elder teams will work through decisions related to their location. Each church is unique and each elder team has unique decisions in front of them. They w … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Ballard Moves Toward Independence Amid Unanswered Questions

Last night, a trusted source attended an organizational meeting at Mars Hill Ballard. Several changes were announced with information provided about the move toward becoming an independent church. According to the source: Scott Harris is stepping down as lead pastor. It was announced that he plans to find employment and stay on at the church as a lay elder. The preaching pastor will be Matthias Haeusel. Adam Christiansen (paid) and Kirby Langley (lay) will remain as elders. Cam Huxford will … [Read more...]

John Piper on Lessons Learned from the Mark Driscoll Controversy; ECFA, Are You Listening?

In an audio presentation out today, John Piper doesn't regret partnering with Mark Driscoll but does see some of the problems identified by Mars Hill's elders. In this audio, Piper briefly admits that he could have done more to help. He also says that perhaps pulling Driscoll's book from sale, as Lifeway has done, is a defensible temporary response to the controversy. I can't get the embed code to work so click the link for the audio)Most of the audio is about lessons learned. Piper … [Read more...]

It’s Official: Mars Hill Sammamish to Join Bellevue Church

I reported last week that Sammamish elders were talking to Mars Hill Bellevue (Bellevue Church in January 2015) about merging. According to this City posting by Bellevue elder Jamie Skelton, the decision to merge has been made. From Pastor Jason Skelton:Mars Hill Family, Over the last two weeks, we’ve announced on Sundays that Mars Hill Church will be coming to a close at the end of 2014. Its last act will be to plant new independent churches. Bellevue will be moving forward as an i … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Huntington Beach Won’t Continue As An Independent Church

As expected, Mars Hill Huntington Beach will not become an independent with Matt Wallace at the helm. From Wallace, Lead Pastor at Huntington Beach: From Pastor Matt Wallace:Church family, A typical Sunday does not see everyone who calls Mars Hill HB home in attendance. If you were unable to join us, you will find below the announcement made by the elders this past Sunday regarding the future of our church community.I hope to see you this coming Sunday at one of our services. And plea … [Read more...]

Hey Christian Author: What Would a Bestseller Do For Your Brand?


Les and Leslie Parrott are evangelical Seattle-based authors who specialize in marriage and relationship issues. They have written numerous books, some of which have made it to the New York Times Bestseller List. At least one of those books played a short, peripheral role in the drama that has been Mark Driscoll over the last couple of years. Let me explain.The Parrotts, like David Jeremiah (who I wrote about yesterday), have worked with Kevin Small, the CEO of ResultSource, in their … [Read more...]