Mars Hill Church Director of Worship Dustin Kensrue Resigns

One of the nine elders who called on Mark Driscoll to enter an elder directed restoration process has resigned from Mars Hill Church. Director of Worship Dustin Kensrue resigned on Monday and issued a statement today. Reportedly, two other signers of the letter addressed to their peers at Mars Hill have also resigned. Sources in a position to know tell me that Gary Shavey and Adam Ramsey have also resigned. With these resignations, four of the original nine have now either resigned or been … [Read more...]

Former Mars Hill Church Members Speak Out About Church Finances

I recently talked with a couple who were members and leaders at Mars Hill Church from 2003 to 2012.* The couple was involved in leading Community Groups and the wife served as a Deacon in the counseling ministry. While there, they donated to the both the Global Fund and the General Fund and assumed that much of the money given to the Global Fund was going to support international mission efforts. The wife told me: We definitely had an expectation that our gifts were going to global missions. My … [Read more...]

Briefs and Updates: Uganda, Scott Lively, Mars Hill Church, IOTC and Steven Sotloff

I am not surprised that Uganda's Parliament will again debate an Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The world famous bill passed Parliament late last year and was signed by President Museveni earlier this year only to be thrown out by a Ugandan court due to a procedural problem during passage.Scott Lively says he'll drop out of the MA governor's race if his tea party opponent wins the GOP nomination. Reaction from the rest of MA? Crickets.In light of Mark Driscoll's 6 week break, September's … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Bellevue Pastor Thomas Hurst Calls Church to Rebuild From Top Down or Close

Mars Hill Bellevue's pastor Thomas Hurst posted a message to his Bellevue congregation which has appeared this morning on various Facebook pages and Reddit.  The note is reflective and interesting for those who are trying to make sense of the many recent moves at Mars Hill. To read the entire note, see the Reddit posting. I will pull out a few points of interest to me but with little commentary. The note is striking in that Hurst does not criticize much. Rather he calls leaders to … [Read more...]

Matt Chandler: No Fall Out From Decision to Remove Mark Driscoll From Acts 29 Network

Apparently the Acts 29 Network isn't feeling any ill effects of their decision to remove Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll from membership. At least that is what Matt Chandler told an Australian publication last week. The bold print is a question from the Eternity newspaper. Chandler's response follows.What impact will this have to the movement, do you think. There will be many for whom Mark Driscoll was a mentor, someone to look up to. What’s the fall out from that?At this point, we h … [Read more...]

Former Mars Hill Church Pastor Issues Statement of Confession

James Noriega is a former pastor at Mars Hill Church. Today, he posted a public statement on his Facebook page which addressed his time at the church. It does not blame his colleagues or Mark Driscoll but disclosed his feelings about his own approach at the time.Noriega's statement is a reminder that there is more to the concerns about Mars Hill Church than the top leadership. For the people I have sinned against in these ways or in other ways please forgive me; I so am sorry I hurt you. I … [Read more...]

Mars Hill University District Pastor Drew Hensley Clarifies Position

Drew Hensley is one of the nine current pastors at Mars Hill Church that signed the letter calling for Mark Driscoll to step down and enter an elder directed restoration program. He also signed the letter yesterday from lead pastors and Board of Elders.  To clarify his position, he posted a note to the members of the University District group on Mars Hill Church's City website. I want to note that I did not obtain this note from Rev. Hensley. From Pastor Drew Hensley: Mars Hill U-District … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Leaders: Giving is Down Due to “Increase in Negative Media Attention”

Yesterday, Mars Hill executive elders also provided a financial update for members: Financial UpdateWe praise Jesus for his grace and faithfulness in caring for Mars Hill Church for 18 years. In January 2014 the church was in the great financial shape. God continued to be faithful, through your gifts, to also help us end the fiscal year strong this past June. Thank you for your support and service, as many have learned about Jesus and countless lives have been changed by Jesus’ work through … [Read more...]