Tyndale Gives Inaccurate Information, Blames Messenger


UPDATE: The Christian Post has updated their article on Tyndale's statement regarding Resurgence by adding my statement and Todd Starowitz's email to me. Editor's Note: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 Warren Throckmorton, author of the cited Daily Beast article concerning Mark Driscoll's business relationship with Tyndale House Publishers, provided the following statement via email to The Christian Post: "My reporting regarding Tyndale House and Resurgence Publishing was based on information … [Read more...]

Duck Dynasty to Leave A&E?

Sounds like that could be the result of talks with A&E after the network put Phil Robertson on hiatus. The Robertson family issued the following statement tonight via their Duck Commander website: We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support.  The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E's decision.  We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word.  While some of Phil’s … [Read more...]

Springboro Confederate Flag Waving, League of the South Defender Says He Was Misunderstood

This is why it is good to shine light in dark places. Defending the indefensible often leads to backpeddling. In actuality, Sonny Thomas, the fellow who showed up at the Springboro School Board meeting and defended the Constitution course written by a League of the South board member didn't back off much. He now says he was trying make a point about symbolism. I guess in a way he did what he set out to do. However, the symbolism which most people associate with the Confederate flag is … [Read more...]

No Glenn Beck World Shattering Announcement: Will it Come Monday and Will Beck’s Fans Be Listening?

I must confess, I like watching the reaction of fans and true believers to promises made by leaders of movements and religious groups. Similar to the findings of Festinger's book When Prophecy Fails, some people get more protective of the leader and work a little harder to bring people into the fold. And it appears that some are doing that in response to the lack of big news promised by Glenn Beck two days ago. See this post for the background. There has been lots of activity on Twitter … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Promises an Announcement That Will Take Down the Power Structure

Whatever will it be?! He says this has happened in Washington and beyond. He says he has a whistleblower who has a document that will take down the whole power structure. I think it has something to do with Jason Bourne. Readers: What do you think he is going to announce? Unintentional parody site Before It's News says Beck will announce that the NSA blackmailed Chief Justice Roberts into a favorable Obamacare ruling. … [Read more...]

Todd Starnes and the Pentagon Still Not Together on the Facts

Yesterday, Todd Starnes continued to make his case that the military is hostile to Christianity. He cited a couple of lawmakers who believe as he does and again cited the case of the Air Force officer who allegedly was asked to remove a Bible from his desk. Despite the fact that the Air Force issued a statement which indicates that religious materials may be visible on a desk, Starnes continues to focus only on information that supports his claims. In his column, he repeated another … [Read more...]

Nicolas Cage to remake the Left Behind series: Spoof or not?

I really can't tell if this article is a spoof or for real. The breathless beginning: Once in every generation, a moment comes that is so defining, so paradigm-altering, so world-shaking, that you spend the rest of your life telling people where you were when you heard it. It goes beyond making history to shaping the future, and yes, even giving a generation a rallying point and identity. For our generation, that moment came today when Variety announced Nicolas Cage is in talks to star in … [Read more...]

WORLD investigates the Trinity Broadcasting Network

This story should cause a little concern among Christians who believe in the Seven Mountains teaching (the view that Christians must fill top spots in education, media, politics, entertainment, etc. in order to accomplish cultural renewal). Trinity Broadcasting Network is the largest Christian network and it has been plagued with scandal for years. WORLD's Warren Cole Smith opens the door on another scandal at TBN working its way through the courts. Christians are not immune to the temptations … [Read more...]