Collective Soul – Shine

One of Collective Soul's best songs. Huge sound with mysterious lyrics most can relate to.Give me a wordGive me a signShow me where to lookTell me what will I findLay me on the groundFly me in the skyShow me where to lookTell me what will I findOh, heaven let your light shine down  … [Read more...]

Switchfoot – When We Come Alive

Jon Foreman sounds as good as ever on Switchfoot's new anthem, When We Come Alive.We light the skyWhen we igniteWhen we come alive … [Read more...]

Down Around My Place – John Hiatt and Joe Bonamassa

This is a wonderful pairing; a bluesy mysterious song from Hiatt with Bonamassa's impeccable leads. Enjoy:And I put my faith in youDid you make that error too?Bound to fail that he might show his graceDown around my place. And then there's this: And my grandpa says, “Don't worryIt's always the last one in who's in a hurryTo try and slam the door in the next one's face”   … [Read more...]

Sam & Dave – Hold On I’m Comin’

No one brought the funk like Sam & Dave. This one is my favorite by them.  … [Read more...]

Thrice – Circles

A contemplative song from former Mars Hill Director of Worship Dustin Kensrue's band Thrice.We’re building towers with no foundations, just stacking stone on stone.Whatever it takes - mix our mortar with bones. … [Read more...]

Spoonman – Soundgarden

One of the best rock songs ever to my ears.Speak the rhythm on your ownSpeak the rhythm all alone, Spoonman … [Read more...]

James Taylor – You Can Close Your Eyes

And now a pause that refreshes...Zenful and silky smooth, this is a great performance of a great song. … [Read more...]

Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Chase Holfelder

This is absolutely riveting. Just blown away by how changing the song from major to minor presents another possible interpretation.Presented in this way, this Cyndi Lauper classic becomes a song of empowerment.  … [Read more...]