Spoonman – Chris Cornell, RIP

I was sad to hear about the untimely death of Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell apparently by suicide. His talent was undeniable and many of the songs he crafted came from a special creative place. I believe Spoonman is in the top ten rock songs of all time. I pray his family can find peace. … [Read more...]

REM – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

This song seems appropriate for today's Inauguration Day festivities.And then there is the Steven Colbert version (with Michael Stipe and James Franco), It's The End Of The Year As We Know It. … [Read more...]

One Player Plays O Come, O Come Emmanuel on Two Recorders – Merry Christmas!

Once again, a wonderful performance.Recorder artist Victoria Rigel plays two recorders at once in this 2008 version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel with yours truly on the guitar. She adds the second recorder at the beginning of the second verse. … [Read more...]

Audible Waters – We Three Kings

Last year on Christmas day, I posted audio of Audible Waters, a music project involving frequent commenter R. Jesperson. Recently, AW put together a clever video of their version of We Three Kings. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! … [Read more...]

Christmas 2015: We Three Kings – Audible Waters

Mr. Jesperson and his friend Toni collaborated to give us this lovely version of We Three Kings. Thanks to them for allowing me to post this song.Merry Christmas 2015.A note about the next two weeks. Posting might be sporadic since I will be taking some time off. Keep sending tips, reactions, and questions to me. … [Read more...]

Smooth Saturday Night Sounds – Dance of the Crickets

An instrumental co-written with Casey Walter, with percussion help from former Berlin drummer Rod Learned, I think we named it Dance of the Crickets because we had some crickets sounds available.The crickets get busy toward the end and then they settle in for the night. … [Read more...]

Five Songs for a Friday Night

Been meaning to try this for awhile so here goes...I am going to put up five songs I like and then in the comments, suggest five songs you like. As we get time through the weekend, let's listen and enjoy them. It would be best to just put the title, artist and a link to the song, rather than post five videos. I am posting the videos but I would prefer you post links to save space.My five:     Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Heal – Tom Odell

We all need to heal from something.and tell me some things last... … [Read more...]