Matthew 20 and the Minimum Wage: Conservative Theological Responses to David Barton

Last Thursday, David Barton and the gang on Wallbuilders Live talked about the Bible and economics. During the segment, Barton claimed that Right Wing Watch bloggers criticized his views because they have not read their Bibles. He also mentioned me by name as a Christian professor who also criticized his biblical views. RWW has the audio and transcript. I am going to include the whole segment on Mt. 20 (from 5:00 to about 10:00 on the original), including where Tim Barton implies Ben Carson is … [Read more...]

Better for America Nominates Evan McMullin in AR; Ceases National Recruitment Efforts

I had hopes Better for America would be able to recruit a candidate to mount a serious conservative third party challenge. It didn't happen. This came on August 23. I have since learned that BFA had ballot access in AR, NM and that Evan McMullin will appear on the AR ballot thanks to being nominated by BFA. McMullin is now on the ballot in AR, CO, IA, ID, LA, MN and UT. To Our Dear Supporters and Volunteers,This movement was for you, and created by the many ways you came alongside us in the … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong with a Protest Vote?

James Dobson, who is this year supporting Donald Trump, voted for Howard Phillips instead of the GOP nominee Bob Dole in 1996. This year various Christian leaders want all Christians to fall in line behind Donald Trump. Janet Porter is the latest far right crusader who exhorts Christians to vote for Trump.Theology professor Wayne Grudem told us voting for Trump is a moral choice. In 1998, Grudem raised a standard for elective office that he has now repudiated. This year Dobson isn't … [Read more...]

The American Independent Party of George Wallace Fame Nominates Trump/Pence for President

Of course, this means almost nothing in the great scheme of things but it does illustrate to whom Trump appeals.The American Independent Party of These United States and the American Independent Party of California nominated Trump/Pence today. #tcot— Markham Robinson (@BraveLad) August 14, 2016The AIP supported segregationist George Wallace in 1968 and former League of the South board member Michael Peroutka in 2004. The League gave their support to Peroutka as well. In … [Read more...]

The Futility of Donald Trump’s Johnson Amendment Promise: Most Pastors Don’t Want to Endorse Political Candidates

CBN's The Brody File reported yesterday that Donald Trump will speak to a group of pastors in Florida about repealing the Johnson Amendment. GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will be speaking to hundreds of pastors this Thursday in Orlando, Florida. This is a private event sponsored by the American Renewal Project. Trump will speak to them about his push to repeal the Johnson Amendment. The law, which has been in place for decades, has made it more difficult for pastors to speak out on … [Read more...]

An Answer to Wayne Grudem about Donald Trump and What is Best for the Nation

Last week, theology professor Wayne Grudem created quite a stir with an essay declaring his belief that “voting for Trump is a morally good choice.” In this rebuttal, I argue in opposition to his position.It is important to note at the beginning that Grudem has opined on moral issues surrounding presidential behavior in the past. In 1998 along with over 150 Christian scholars, Grudem signed the “Declaration concerning religion, ethics, and the crisis in the Clinton presidency.” In that docume … [Read more...]

The Rhetorical Maneuvers of Wayne Grudem: A Guest Post from Matthew Boedy

On Thursday, theologian Wayne Grudem came out for Donald Trump with a long column justifying a vote for Trump as an acceptable moral choice. In response, Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at the University of North Georgia, Matthew Boedy sent the following thoughts which I am glad to present as a guest post. Dr. Boedy is on Twitter @matthewboedyThe Rhetorical Maneuvers of Wayne Grudemby Matthew BoedyWayne Grudem has put his name on a growing list of evangelical leaders who were fi … [Read more...]

Did Hillary Clinton Plagiarize Alexis de Tocqueville?

Tonight in her speech, Hillary Clinton said: But here's the sad truth: There is no other Donald Trump...This is it. And in the end, it comes down to what Donald Trump doesn't get: that America is great – because America is good. Did she plagiarize de Tocqueville? No, because de Tocqueville didn't say that. According John Pitney in the Weekly Standard: These lines are uplifting and poetic. They are also spurious. Nowhere do they appear in Democracy in America, or anywhere else in T … [Read more...]