Hispanic Southern Baptist Pastors Criticize Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board

Donald Trump told evangelical leaders on Tuesday that he believes he will do well among Hispanic voters. These Hispanic Southern Baptist pastors see things differently. They lament the joining of evangelicals (especially Southern Baptists) and prosperity gospel preachers and they consider Trump's rhetoric about Hispanics to fuel racism.  Here is their statement:Our Response to the “Trump Evangelical Advisory Board”OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – As Christian pastors, and Hispanic Baptist leaders, we … [Read more...]

Daisy Ad Updated for the 2016 Election

If Donald Trump is nominated by the GOP convention in July, I feel sure he will see this ad and many like it.  … [Read more...]

Does Christianity Need Donald Trump’s Help?

Editors' Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Faith and the Election. Read other perspectives here.Now that Donald Trump is the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, we can look back at some of the promises he has made. Of interest to the current Patheos Public Square conversation on faith and politics are his promises to make businesses say Merry Christmas and his pledge to “work like Hell” for Christian power.In February, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas … [Read more...]

Trump University Court Documents Reveal Art of the Hard Sell

I have been reading (and cringing) through the court documents related to the Trump University fraud case. They do not paint a flattering picture of the failed educational venture. Mainly with this post, I want to link to the site where the documents are archived and encourage readers to explore the business dealings of the presumptive GOP nominee.Searchable Trump University DocumentsJust a nibble of what's there. What should a Trump U. seminar salesman do if the potential buyer wants to … [Read more...]

Bill Kristol Settles on David French for His Renegade Party

A former conservative think tank lawyer and National Review columnist (and Patheos evangelical blogger) David French is apparently at the top of the Renegade party ticket. From Twitter:Hillary Clinton is dishonest and Donald Trump is unstable. @DavidAFrench is a soldier and a scholar. #RenegadesUnite— Renegade Party (@RenegadeParty) June 1, 2016French seems like a nice man and worked hard for Romney in 2012, but as a serious let's-get-this-thing-into-the-House-of-Representatives … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas and the Strange Hitlery Tweet

This so wrong on so many levels:QUIZ! My Bonhoeffer bio invites some unpleasant parallels w/the current election. Therefore let me ask: Will you... — Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) May 22, 2016So many good replies:@JonathanMerritt @TheAlanNoble @ericmetaxas is he now calling for an assassination? Just trying to follow the really clear moral parallel— Derek Rishmawy (@DZRishmawy) May 23, 2016@ericmetaxas so, using your parallel, Trump would be Hitler, just so we are cle … [Read more...]

Rolling Stone Examines Evangelical Reactions to Donald Trump

Writing for Rolling Stone, Sarah Posner examines a variety of evangelical reactions to Donald Trump's status as presumptive GOP presidential nominee. Yours truly is quoted along with several other conservatives grappling with what it means to live in a Trumpian universe.Some highlights:Trump might get 50% of the evangelical vote says Tobin Grant. That prediction compares unfavorably to Mitt Romney's 79% of the evangelical vote in 2012. Denny Burk, professor at Boyce College told … [Read more...]

Trump Says He Won’t Release Tax Returns After He Said He Would Release Tax Returns

For months, Trump said he would release his tax returns. Then he said he was getting them ready. Then he said he would release them once his audit was complete. See RedState for the details.Now Trump says he won't release them. Nothing is preventing him but himself.As Jennifer Rubin points out, GOP delegates can apply some pressure. Trump may have opened himself up to a contested convention, delegates or not. Delegates should abstain unless Trump provides the information.This is … [Read more...]