AP story on the Sanders' study of gay brothers

The Associated Press reports that the Alan Sanders study of gay brothers continues in search of 1000 pairs of gay brothers.The study's website describes the scope and purpose:In 2003, the N.I.H. funded Dr. Alan R. Sanders, a psychiatrist at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Research Institute to conduct a five-year study of approximately 1,000 pairs of gay brothers, along with any other available brothers and parents from families recruited from the United States, Canada, the United … [Read more...]

Is there common ground between liberal and conservative Christians?

Interesting article from the Christian Post on common ground between liberal and conservative Christians.I have not read the report but will look for it...If anyone finds a link, please post it.UPDATE - H/T Jay - Here is the website supporting this effort. … [Read more...]

Conservative columnist says, "ex-gay leader returns to sodomy"

Fred Hutchison, a conservative columnist, yesterday sent an email to a small distribution list criticizing a variety of conservative and liberal evangelicals over their positions and statements on homosexuality. This email was then widely distributed among social conservatives. One claim stood out:Ex-gay leader returns to sodomyAccording to Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute Alex Chambers, (sic) Director of Exodus International, the largest Evangelical organization for ex-gays … [Read more...]

International Healing Foundation: A Christian organization?

UPDATE: 10/4/07Since I entered this post regarding the International Healing Foundation, I have been contacted by Hilde Wiemann with explanations offered for the information I posted below. I also have spoken with her by phone. She told me that most of what I wrote below was incorrect about her and the IHF. In the spirit of fairness and openness, I am adding her explanations at the beginning of this post for the benefit of any new readers who come here. You will read her statements first and … [Read more...]

Our bodies tell us who we are

Warning: Long post...This post could be part three of the series on sexual identity therapy and neutrality but I chose this title because I want to focus on one specific issue, at least in my mind, with telling psychotherapy clients that "our bodies tell us who we are." Saying something like this to a client is the expression of a natural law argument that is expressed by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi in his article "Why I Am Not a Neutral Therapist."Our Bodies Tell Us Who We … [Read more...]

Grey and gay?

We would need a very long term study to capture this change... … [Read more...]

Can Hillary Clinton reach the religious right?

In today's Washington Post, Michael Gerson has a look at the improbable question - Can She (Hillary Clinton) Reach Religious Voters?Citing Paul Kengor's new book, God and Hillary Clinton, Gerson notes that Hillary is a complicated figure for various religious groups. Roman Catholics are among the most pro-choice voters but also have a proven track record in caring for the poor. Hillary divides these values and may make the Republican nominee's views on abortion a crucial factor in the 2008 … [Read more...]

Homophobic therapies: Documenting the damage

The following comes from a More Light Presbyterian newsletter dated May, 1996. It is apparently a copy of what was to be sent to More Light supporters, either via email or print or both. In light of our discussions about the Jones and Yarhouse study, bias, and the recruitment of participants, I thought it would provide context to include the call for participants used by Shidlo and Schroeder for their study of harm from change therapies. This was sent to numerous gay affiliated groups looking … [Read more...]