Exodus files ethics complaint against Alicia Salzer over Montel Show comments

<img src='http://wp.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/blogs/warrenthrockmorton/files/2007/10/exodus-press-release.thumbnail.JPG' alt='' align="left" hspace="10" Vspace="10"/Alan Chambers and Exodus have filed an ethics complaint against television psychiatrist Alicia Salzer. Actually the complaint was filed some weeks ago but Exodus has received no reply from the APA. Dr. Salzer works for Montel Williams and in that role took part in a … [Read more...]

"Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Movement" hits film festivals

Exgay Watch reports that the 2006 video Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay Movement will premiere in New York City on Wednesday, October 24.I have previously reviewed this video but will give it another look over the next week and add comments in another post. I plan to make some comments about the harm that can result from some reparative therapy approaches and other misguided efforts to change sexual orientation.One of my prinicipal concerns about Abomination is that the … [Read more...]

Maine school board votes to allow birth control in middle school

This story has been all over the media but I wanted to post it as a starter for discussion. The link leads to a NPR discussion a bit more in depth than the AP reports.I can think of several reasons why this could backfire. I do not believe middle school kids are likely to be consistent in taking the pills but may have a false sense of safety. We know kids aren't very consistent in implementation of most birth control methods so I suspect this will not have much effect on births and inasmuch … [Read more...]

Stanton Jones comments on AP sexual orientation cause article

As suspected, Stan Jones was mischaracterized by Lindsay Tanner's article on genetic contributions to homosexuality. He wrote this explanation to me in an email earlier this evening and is reproduced with his permission.Regarding Lindsay Tanner's Associated Press story titled: Study Seeks Genetic Links to Being Gay and elsewhere:It is unfortunate when through misunderstandings or miscommunications we do not recognize our own views in press reports. Such is the case here. Ms. Tanner … [Read more...]

AP story on the Sanders' study of gay brothers

The Associated Press reports that the Alan Sanders study of gay brothers continues in search of 1000 pairs of gay brothers.The study's website describes the scope and purpose:In 2003, the N.I.H. funded Dr. Alan R. Sanders, a psychiatrist at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Research Institute to conduct a five-year study of approximately 1,000 pairs of gay brothers, along with any other available brothers and parents from families recruited from the United States, Canada, the United … [Read more...]

Is there common ground between liberal and conservative Christians?

Interesting article from the Christian Post on common ground between liberal and conservative Christians.I have not read the report but will look for it...If anyone finds a link, please post it.UPDATE - H/T Jay - Here is the website supporting this effort. … [Read more...]

Conservative columnist says, "ex-gay leader returns to sodomy"

Fred Hutchison, a conservative columnist, yesterday sent an email to a small distribution list criticizing a variety of conservative and liberal evangelicals over their positions and statements on homosexuality. This email was then widely distributed among social conservatives. One claim stood out:Ex-gay leader returns to sodomyAccording to Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute Alex Chambers, (sic) Director of Exodus International, the largest Evangelical organization for ex-gays … [Read more...]

International Healing Foundation: A Christian organization?

UPDATE: 10/4/07Since I entered this post regarding the International Healing Foundation, I have been contacted by Hilde Wiemann with explanations offered for the information I posted below. I also have spoken with her by phone. She told me that most of what I wrote below was incorrect about her and the IHF. In the spirit of fairness and openness, I am adding her explanations at the beginning of this post for the benefit of any new readers who come here. You will read her statements first and … [Read more...]