Our bodies tell us who we are

Warning: Long post...This post could be part three of the series on sexual identity therapy and neutrality but I chose this title because I want to focus on one specific issue, at least in my mind, with telling psychotherapy clients that "our bodies tell us who we are." Saying something like this to a client is the expression of a natural law argument that is expressed by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi in his article "Why I Am Not a Neutral Therapist."Our Bodies Tell Us Who We … [Read more...]

Grey and gay?

We would need a very long term study to capture this change... … [Read more...]

Can Hillary Clinton reach the religious right?

In today's Washington Post, Michael Gerson has a look at the improbable question - Can She (Hillary Clinton) Reach Religious Voters?Citing Paul Kengor's new book, God and Hillary Clinton, Gerson notes that Hillary is a complicated figure for various religious groups. Roman Catholics are among the most pro-choice voters but also have a proven track record in caring for the poor. Hillary divides these values and may make the Republican nominee's views on abortion a crucial factor in the 2008 … [Read more...]

Homophobic therapies: Documenting the damage

The following comes from a More Light Presbyterian newsletter dated May, 1996. It is apparently a copy of what was to be sent to More Light supporters, either via email or print or both. In light of our discussions about the Jones and Yarhouse study, bias, and the recruitment of participants, I thought it would provide context to include the call for participants used by Shidlo and Schroeder for their study of harm from change therapies. This was sent to numerous gay affiliated groups looking … [Read more...]

Comment on reactions to the Jones and Yarhouse study

Reaction has been swift to the Jones and Yarhouse study. Many on this blog and elsewhere are questioning the ability of Jones and Yarhouse to fairly present their data because they are Evangelical Christians reporting on people supplied by Exodus International and funded by Exodus. While I understand the question, I believe that the book and their public presentations make it clear that, from the beginning, they intended to present the results of their prospective study no matter what the … [Read more...]

Debate continues on the Jones-Yarhouse study of sexual orientation

Although only one mainstream newspaper has picked up the Exodus study, blogosphere is providing some dialogue. A particularly civil exhange can be found on BoxTurtleBulletin. Stanton Jones has gotten involved as well... … [Read more...]

Jones and Yarhouse release Exodus longitudinal study

Today at 2:15pm in Nashville, Stan Jones and Mark Yarhouse presented the results of their study of religiously mediated change of sexual orientation. To a packed house, the researchers outlined the methods of sampling, the measures used and the results. Following the presentation, Intervarsity Press hosted a brief press conference.Key points and findings:The study sought to address two questions: Is change of sexual orientation, specifically homosexual orientation, possible? And, is the … [Read more...]

Music city conference report: Day One

In Nashville and spent the afternoon and much of the evening getting ready for the Pre-conference workshop on Sexual Identity Therapy tomorrow morning. Musicians and microphones are everywhere here -- even the airport -- which in my mind is a good thing.I was initially scheduled to be on the Mike and Juliet Morning Show thursday morning but was replaced by ex-gay therapist Jayson Graves. Although I think Jayson is a thoughtful guy, I was deemed a bit too measured for the event. And … [Read more...]