Sexual identity therapy and neutrality, Part two

In this second post about therapeutic neutrality, I want to discuss what it does and doesn't mean in sexual identity therapy. Again, I want to react to some of the thoughts from Dr. Nicolosi in his article, Why I Am Not a Neutral Therapist.Dr. Nicolosi writes:What will happen when the uncommitted ("neutral") therapist hears his client revealing self-destructive behaviors that are statistically proven to be associated with SSA? How will he interpret these behaviors? Staying out of … [Read more...]

Sexual identity therapy and neutrality, Part one

Continuing the discussion about sexual identity therapy, I want to contrast our framework with both gay affirming and reparative therapies on the dimension of value neutrality in two posts. As a springboard for my thoughts, I want to quote from an article by Joseph Nicolosi on the NARTH website called, "Why I Am Not A Neutral Therapist." He led with this explanation:A Christian psychologist contacted me to discuss reorientation therapy for SSA men. Hoping to find a politically "safe" … [Read more...]

APA symposium to examine sexual identity therapy

Next week (August 17) I will participate in a symposium on sexual identity conflicts at the American Psychological Association annual conference in San Francisco, CA.Here is the brief description from the association website (scroll down to Division 36):Div. 36 (Psychology of Religion)Friday, 2-2:50 p.m.• Symposium: "Sexual Identity Therapy to Address Religious and Spiritual Conflicts." Co-chairs: Mark A. Yarhouse, PsyD, and A. Lee Beckstead, PhD.Participants: Warren Throckmorton, P … [Read more...]

US House includes counselors in Medicare legislation

This is off the usual topic of this blog, but I want to note it anyway. The following news release just came via email from Beth Powell at AMHCA:U.S. House Passes "Children's Health and Medicare Protection Act," Including Provision Establishing Medicare Coverage of Mental Health CounselorsAugust 1, 2007, was a historic day for the mental health counseling profession, as for the first time ever, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to establish coverage of state-licensed … [Read more...]

Is religious belief a choice?

In the ongoing discussion of sexual identity therapy, some have asserted that sexual orientation is not a choice but religion is (“The bottom line is your sexual orientation cannot change and your religion can,” [Wayne] Besen said.”). That struck me as a failure to understand the function and centrality of religious belief for those who are committed to it. On point, a reader and commenter over at ExGayWatch named "jasmine" linked to a blog post by Hugo Schwyzer who in turn linked to an article b … [Read more...]

The Edge continues "My ex-gay life" series: Dissecting reparative therapy

The Edge's David Foucher continues his series regarding all things ex-gay with an article today regarding reparative therapy. There are extensive and interesting quotes from Joseph Nicolosi, Clinton Anderson, Jack Drescher, Robert Jay-Green, yours truly and others.There are a number of quotes that caught my eye. This one from Robert Jay-Green left me scratching my head:"All these theories are all promulgated by the ex-gay people," he points out. "They have this theory that distant … [Read more...]

I will be on the Michelangelo Signorile show today

Tune in Tuesday, July 24, at 4:30pm eastern time on Sirius Radio for this live interview. I suspect we will discuss many topics but focus on the sexual identity therapy framework and the work of the APA.UPDATE - Well, hope springs eternal. I thought we might get some kind of real dialogue about the merits of sexual identity therapy as opposed to reparative therapy. However, this did not happen. He chose to focus on making me defend a client's right to maintain a religious persuasion that … [Read more...]

New York Magazine on married men who stray with men

The New York Magazine has a lengthy examination of a married man who seeks liaisons with men. The article by David Amsden provides an inside look at a man who remains anonymous but opens up a bit about his double life and is relevant to our recent discussions. Thanks to reader NickC for making me aware of the article.Seems to me multiple "explanations" could be advanced for this situation. I found myself wondering what I might do with this man had he come in for counseling. His values … [Read more...]