Publisher Corrects More Plagiarism in Mark Driscoll’s Real Marriage

In January, I pointed out that a section of Real Marriage by Mark & Grace Driscoll seemed quite similar to a passage from Leland Ryken's book Worldly Saints (as well as a couple of other sources). As it turns out, the publisher, Harper Collins Christian, has now corrected the section in question by quoting and footnoting the section of Ryken's book I identified. Nearly all of the problems I identified have been addressed (although a couple of problems remain, see below) in the Google version … [Read more...]

One Way Mars Hill Church Might Have Helped Put Mark Driscoll on the NYT Best Seller List

World Magazine today dropped a bomb by revealing that Mars Hill Church entered into an agreement with ResultSource to arrange purchases of his book Real Marriage in order to land on various prestigious best seller lists. The methods described in the World article seem designed to game the system, and make it appear that a book is broadly popular when in fact the sales are being arranged to give a false appearance. According to World, Mars Hill Executive pastor Sutton Turner signed the … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church to Former Employees: Don’t Talk

According to a brief report at last night, Mars Hill Church and Elevation Church (NC) require staff to sign non-disclosure agreements. Warren Cole Smith has seen one and indicates that it even covers the employee's spouse. Former elder Dave Kraft said the agreement was like "a gag order."I have heard former MHC people talk about these agreements but they were afraid to talk on the record because they feared being sued by their former church. Mars Hill watchers: Has anyone ever … [Read more...]

How to Revise History the Mark Driscoll Way.

"Thanks to Lief Moi and Mike Gunn for helping me plant Mars Hill Church." (Mark Driscoll, 2004. The Radical Reformission, page 9).Last Friday, I posted an article by Becky Garrison on Driscoll's exclusion of two of the founders from the history of Mars Hill Church in his recent materials.However, in 2004, Mark Driscoll gave credit where credit was due. Now, on the Mars Hill website, one would not be able to discern Moi's or Gunn's role.  I can find no mention of Moi or Gunn as f … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll’s Tim Keller Remix: Is This Plagiarism?

Note: This post contains two articles in one. First, I am posting another guest contribution from Becky Garrison, this time highlighting a February 5, 2009 chapel speech at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC where Mark Driscoll presented nine distinctions between the gospel and religion. Those who know Tim Keller's work will recognize in Driscoll's sermon a central theme of Keller's preaching and ministry going back many years. Garrison again raises the issue of … [Read more...]

Becky Garrison: Mark Driscoll’s Revisionist History

The following is a guest post by Becky Garrison. Garrison is the author of seven books, including Roger Williams' Little Book of Virtues, and Red and Blue God, Black and Blue Church. She has contributed to a range of outlets including The Guardian, Religion Dispatches, Killing the Buddha, and The Humanist.Mark Driscoll's Revisionist Historyby Becky GarrisonWho founded Mars Hill Church? Seems like a simple question and one which Mark Driscoll should be able to answer. However, recen … [Read more...]

Seattle Times Reports on the Troubles of Mark Driscoll’s Doctor John Catanzaro

Seattle Times health reporter Carol Ostrom filed a report today regarding suspended Seattle naturopath John Catanzaro. Regular readers here will recognize similar themes in this report but see some important new information as well.The article leads with his suspension and notes that he has until March 14th to appeal. Originally, Catanzaro had 20 days to appeal but he filed a motion for an extension of time to prepare his appeal which was granted by a Seattle judge last week. According to … [Read more...]

African Media Watchdog: NRM Caucus Misinterpreted Ministry of Health Report on Homosexuality

Earlier this week, Peter Mwesige of the African Centre for Media Excellence scrutinized the way the Ugandan press handled the facts surrounding President Museveni's decision to sign the Anti-Homosexuality based on a report by an ad hoc committee of the Ministry of Health. In his article on the matter, Mwesige points out that the president's political party caucus distorted the committee report by saying homosexuality was "an abnormal behavior." Significantly, Mwesige quoted one of the committee … [Read more...]